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  • Hearts Between The Pages (Heartwreck #1)
    744K 26.6K 35

    After years of being a supermodel, Olivia Fornari decided to walk away from the industry. From all the fame, success, and gossip. From being a famous supermodel, she decided to try something new, to explore herself and discover the other things that she is capable of doing... that's why when she found that Archean Fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Taming the Waves (College Series #2)
    31M 1.3M 48

    PUBLISHED UNDER LIB Note: If you're not into flawed characters who make wrong decisions, don't read this. Save yourself from stress. Started: 10/07/2020 Ended: 11/18/2020 Elora Chin Valencia grew up in a toxic Christian family where she was viewed as the black sheep. Araw-araw ay ipinaparamdam sa kanya ng mundo na wal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Epicenter Tape #1: Eleventh Hour
    5.3M 221K 49

    After getting hurt by the people around her, aspiring chef Dacia Holgado builds up her walls to protect her heart... until band bassist Eris Arriaga comes along and tears them apart. *** Graduating culinary arts student Dacia Holgado gets the biggest twist of her life when she crosses paths with Epicenter's bassist Er...

  • Every Beast Needs A Beauty (GLS#1)(Published under Pop Fiction, and MPress)
    149M 3.2M 64

    Bata pa lang ay namulat na si Sunny na tatlong bagay lang ang kailangan niya sa buhay: bahay, pera, at pamilya. Namuhay siyang mahirap sa loob ng labing siyam na taon at ngayong bente na siya ay hindi iyon nagbago. Ang tanging nag bago lang siguro sa kanya ngayon ay ang pagkawala ng kanyang katuwang sa buhay: ang kany...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Spaces In Between
    13.9M 304K 62

    [SELF PUBLISHED - 2016]

  • One Rebellious Night (GLS/Del Fierro #1)
    18.9M 649K 27

    GLS second generation. 1 of 3

  • Isla Verde #4: Too Far Away
    3.5M 112K 44


  • Reclaim The Game (COMPLETED)
    14.2M 565K 48

    (Game Series # 5) Lyana Isobel Laurel never wanted complication. She never dreamed of marrying into a wealthy family-a family that's way out of her league- but Sean Denver Cuesta came into her life like a hurricane. She kept on convincing herself that it's not gonna happen, but every step of the way, she falls. Sean'...

  • The Rain in España (University Series #1)
    142M 3.3M 38

    University Series #1 In a family of doctors, Kalix decided to take a different path and found himself studying Legal Management in Ateneo De Manila University. With family pressure on him, he tried so hard to maintain his high grades as a Dean's Lister until Luna from UST Architecture came.

    Completed   Mature
  • Defy The Game (COMPLETED)
    11M 512K 57

    (Game Series # 6) Assia dela Serna's dream was to become a lawyer. Ever since she was little, she had dreamt of becoming one... But from a young age, she knew that her family wasn't financially capable of sending her to law school. Kaya naman bata pa lang siya, sinigurado niya na magiging maayos lahat ng grado niya. S...

  • "Defend Me, Attorney." (Law Series #1)
    9.6M 541K 28

    [PUBLISHED under LIB] #1. "If pleading guilty means protecting you, I will."

  • Give In To You (GLS#3)
    118M 2.6M 65

    Portia Cecilia Ignacio is a model daughter. Siya na ang mahal na mahal ang kanyang mga magulang. Gagawin niya ang lahat para lang sa ikakasaya ng pamilya. She would climb mountains and swim vast oceans just for the happiness of her beloved parents and family. Pero minsan, sa sobra sobrang pagmamahal sa ibang tao, naka...

  • Eyes On Me, Baby (COMPLETED)
    9M 471K 63

    Karaminah Viel Trajano has always been told that she's... peculiar. She just doesn't like the things that girls her age are expected to like. But she loves writing... that's probably the only normal thing about her. Problem is, her parents do not support her 'career' of choice. For them, it's nothing more than a hobby...

  • "Catch Me, Attorney. (Law Series #4 || Season 1 & 2)
    4.7M 320K 70

    [To Be PUBLISHED Under LIB] #4. "If I fall for you, will you catch me, attorney?"

  • "Kill Me, Attorney." (Law Series #3)
    7.2M 454K 46

    [PUBLISHED UNDER LIB] #3. "If I won't have you then might as well kill me, attorney."

  • Isla Verde #2: The Sweet Escape
    5.1M 149K 53


    Completed   Mature
  • Heart of Darkness
    6M 241K 35

    Lost Island Series #3: "Some people have no idea how beautiful the darkness is." Winter Andromeda Almedarez is in danger. Her father believes that, she really is in danger but does she? She says, yes but can handle herself. She knows how to defend herself, she wasn't even afraid of the threats for her from her father'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dancing With Fire
    5.6M 230K 35

    Lost Island Series #4: "Let's dance with fire until it burns, letting the ashes of broken hearts scattered around our broken souls." Money. Money is the most important thing in the world for Serafine Veronica Mendez, a trying hard scam and a wanna-be rich kid. She believes that if you have the money, you can have ever...

    Completed   Mature
  • Conquering the Barriers
    1.8M 84.5K 43

    SIS (Social Issue Series) #4: Bullying They say that beauty is a luxury. That good looks is the only privilege that matters. That the world is only in favor of those who were born pretty. Sa panahon nga raw ngayon, parang kasalanan na ang pagiging less attractive. You're unappealing? Emotionally weak? Naive? How path...

  • Promise To A Stardust
    8.1M 295K 35

    Lost Island Series #2: "Why do you keep on running after the moon when the stars are staying and waiting for you to see its light?" Broken promises, faded memories and dreams turned to dust. That's how you summarized Polaris Reeva Reyes' life. She woke up one day without any memories from her tragic past, not even a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Villareal #4: Flowered Seascape
    5.7M 188K 55


  • La Cuevas #1: When The Star Falls (PUBLISHED UNDER IMMAC)
    4.9M 143K 40

    Celine Galvez, a graduating law student and a famous man hater from the University of the Philippines, dedicated her life to fulfill her promise to give justice to her father's death. She pledged to make her family her greatest priority in everything, until she met Lorenzo, the notorious playboy and star of Ateneo Med...

    Completed   Mature
  • Villareal #5: Rayless Daybreak
    5.5M 197K 57


  • Cold Heartbreaker (Heartbreakers Series #4)
    941K 34.5K 40

    Heartbreakers Series #4: Uriah Kylo Penalver Si Aryn Valerie "Areli" Lopez ay ang isa sa mga maraming taga-hanga ni Uriah Kylo Penalver, the Cold Heartbreaker. Suwerte nga s'ya dahil ang kapatid nitong si Seraiah Penalver ang best friend n'ya. Areli follows him everywhere and takes every chance she gets to strike him...

  • Veiled Diaries #1: Shriveled Poison
    5.1M 176K 50

    Veiled Diaries #1: Dallace Alfonso thought being rebellious might get her mother's attention because her life had changed after her father's death, she felt being thrown away by her own mother when she had a new family but her way to be seen didn't work at all. Instead, she got attended by hurtful words that led her i...

  • Perfect Heartbreaker (Heartbreakers Series #2)
    879K 37.1K 40

    Heartbreakers Series #2: Leion Eleazar Zendejas Despite being popular because of his academic standing and good looks, Leion Eleazar Zendejas was a stranger to Nicodaine Aceves, the fun, bubbly, and loud student of the Arts and Design track. Walang interes ang dalaga sa honor roll dahil mas gusto n'yang maging masaya...

  • Hold You Accountable| ✓
    9.4M 511K 47

    seniors series #1 A Senior Highschool series. complete [unedited] Madali lang daw ang maging honor student. You just have to mix intelligence, perseverance and start being assiduous with almost everything - then you'll be rewarded with the medals you have always yearned for. Zafirah Sidney Sanchez has always been like...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pursuing Our Freedom| ✓
    6M 345K 50

    seniors series #3 A Senior Highschool series. complete [unedited] We are expected to be filial to the ones who brought us into this world. Pero hanggang saan ba ang hangganan ng pagiging mabuting anak? Philomena Gracia Valderama is the epitome of an obedient daughter, lahat ng utos sa kan'ya ng kan'yang mga magulang a...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Bloodless War
    8.1M 272K 36

    Sandejas Siblings Third Installment: Z E I J A N "Let him pull the trigger and it will aim straight to your heart..." Alyx Riadna Alarcon feels perfect, 'yan ang iniisip at pinaniniwalan niya. She has no flaws, pretty face, a body to die for, fame, men are doing everything just to ask her out but not anyone likes her...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Yours Series # 3) Never Yours (COMPLETED)
    1.4M 74K 18

    (Yours Series # 3) Kelsey Fuentes thought that after her failed experience in marriage, she would never dare try again. She was contented with her work and with her daughter. All she ever really wanted was for the people around her to let her be and to stop asking her to find someone to marry and 'complete' her. She t...