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  • Running Through The Waves (Isla Vagues Series #1) COMPLETED
    721K 28.9K 43

    Status: COMPLETED Kayeziel Harselia Brizuela is a daughter of a two multi-billionaire business persons, a heiress of a top company and corporation, and a princess of the Brizuela clan. But...she doesn't want this all. She was exhausted in reigning all of this titles for years. To be lock in commands of her parents and...

  • When A Heroine Has Fallen (Zaldariaga Series #1)
    496K 18.9K 43

    Khalil Slovein Zaldariaga is not a typical cold and snob campus crush. A legit ace player of basketball. He was reigning the MVP title for years. He doesn't throw his attention aside from basketball. He's basketball is life. Even girls can't defeat his passion in the sport. But can he still remain hook in basketball...

  • BeTwins (Archangel Series #1)
    115K 6.2K 43

    Most people disguise to be a nerd, angel, gangster, devil, queen and famous artist but how if an Angel ( a literally angel) disguise to be a mortal? Between the twins who is able to save their soul?

  • Sweet Vengeance of Misery (Misery Series #2)
    791K 25.8K 48

    Thiarah Celestina Dela Vega went to Manila to change her life. Sa tulong ng unang tao na nagparamdam sa kanya kung ano ang pamilya. Her world turn upside down when she met Kaspiel Trevor Verchez. Who'll make her feel the feeling that she never discovered before. Instantly, an electrifying emotion form inside her as t...

  • The Wife's Misery (Misery Series #1)
    3M 79.5K 54

    Noreen Lorelai Mendiola a high profile socialite model who admires by everyone. She can make any man kneeled by just doing a stare. Her name always ring a bell but except on one person. Reighdan Adler Torrevilla, a man that caught Noreen Mendiola's eyes and mind. In just a one glance of his eyes, the queen has fallen...

  • One Night Misery (Misery Series #3)
    2.4M 63.2K 43

    Elysha Yvonhale Vicencio never experienced luck in her life. Hindi niya kailanman nakilala ang ama. Nawala sa kanya ang ina sa murang edad. Naghirap at inalipusta sa puder ng kanyang Auntie. She had a misfortune since she was just little. She even wonder if luck would be at her side even once. Not until that one nigh...

  • Embracing His Downfall (Archangel Series #2)
    81.3K 4.3K 43

    What will happen if a nephilim or a half human and half angel fall in love with a demon? Will she embrace his downfall to win his heart despite their forbidden love?

  • Dancing in the Burning Sand (Isla Vagues Series #3) (COMPLETED)
    425K 16.5K 43

    Can you dance in the burning sand until the fire embrace you totally? Can you still hear the good melody of your heartbeat despite the consequence that if you stay longer you'll burn into ashes? Kaya nga bang panatilihin ng musika at nakakahalinang ritmo ang pagsayaw nilang dalawa sa nagbabagang buhangin o susunugin...

  • Wind of Broken Souls (Isla Vagues Series #2)
    550K 20.6K 43

    Status: COMPLETED Start: December 21, 2020 End: February 27, 2021 Will it still had the chance to escape a tradition that was already mark on the last name you had? Tradition, rules, norm, legacy, heritage, that term destroyed her life. How can you be free if all of those words were mix with the blood that flowing th...

  • Ruling The Senator's Son (High Class Issue Series #2)
    422K 10.8K 56

    (Unedited) Archt. Alyster Emory Monreal, the senator's son and the bachelor of their company never thought that he will fall under the hands of Mariella Sienna Gallegos who is a sex worker, the first time he laid his eyes on the woman he knew that he wants her. Temptation and desire filled his manl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unveiling The Mask Behind (High Class Issue Series #4)
    104K 3.7K 69

    Who would think that being born as a girl is a mistake and misfortune? Would it be a big loss when you're given a daughter and not a son? That's what Serina Nalene Altamirano is always asking herself. Despite having the wealth on her hands, she was barely breathing because of disappointments, judgment, curses, and pre...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tamed by the Billionaire (LOB series #2)
    4.6M 107K 33

    He's a lazy billionaire. She's called a devil in the office. As time goes by she can't help but be tamed, either by hate or by heart. League of Billionaires: Book 2 Keith Adrian Dawson

  • Color Of Surrender (High Class Issue Series #3)
    113K 3K 49

    Captain Gustavo Archielle Salvatierra is serving his country at the age of 28 and living his life to the fullest, despite being the shadow of his late brother he still wants to prove that he can be a better version of himself. Serving his country and focusing to prove on his family is the priority until he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Taming the Blaze (Magnates Series #2)
    2.3M 97.7K 55

    (Magnates Series #2) Always the perfect and obedient daughter, Blaire Maigen Bordeaux has always lived her life trying to meet her mother's expectations. Fake smiles and fake actions just to hide her true self because she never wanted to be a disappointment. Hanggang sa isang araw ay nabigyan siya ng pagkakataon para...

    Completed   Mature
  • Apricity (Published under PSICOM)
    1M 46.6K 55

    Saying no is the constant dilemma of people with the biggest hearts. To them, refusing equates to rejecting. They tend to keep on doing favors until it's too much. Ngunit kailan nga ba masasabi kung sobra na? Einav Jynette R. Leyva is the sweetest soul in Calle Nueva. A people's person. A good mixer. A social butterfl...

  • Taming The Superiors (High Class Issue Series #1)
    448K 15.4K 56

    A patricide issue made the Fontanilla family be the number one's most hot topic in the news and media, many reports and rumors are spreading that Vellity Eliza Fontanilla killed her father at the age of 18 that made her imprisoned for eight years. After years of being imprisoned the Fontanilla repudiates he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidentally Married a Billionaire (LOB series #5)
    4.1M 104K 33

    He's a runaway billionaire. She works multiple jobs to survive. Riding the air in a whirlwind, she fell in love and tied the knot without knowing that she exchanged her vows with a billionaire. League of Billionaires: Book 5 (Last book) Terrence Rei Zuowen

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost in the Wild Lands (La Grandeza Series #3)
    3.4M 111K 61

    Sydney James Wantirano has these two sides. She has this untamable personality and strong principle that she set for herself that no one can alter. But behind those fiery walls, she has this soft part for her parents- no matter how they treat her badly and never let her experience the love of a family- she still tries...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yielding over the Horizon (La Grandeza Series #4)
    859K 34K 55

    Born in a strict and ambitious family, Syerana cannot handle the pressure that her family gives. As her family tries to control every decision she makes, including her dream to be a flight attendant. Instead of following what her heart wants her to become, she then took the path of being an investigator. With her walk...

  • Serenity
    442K 23.9K 45

    Masarap talaga ang bawal. Lalo na kung araw-araw kang sinusubok ng tadhana. The more forbidden it is, the greater the urge to have it yourself. Kay daling sabihing iwasan na lang. Ngunit kung sayo na mismo hinain, makakatanggi ka pa ba? Achelous Dwayne R. Leyva is the youngest in Calle Nueva. He's smart, athletic, and...

  • Against the Barrier (Magnates Series #1)
    1.6M 74.4K 45

    (Magnates Series #1) Being an heiress to a wealthy family, political marriage is one way to prolong the Pontevera's legacy. But Ishina Astrid Pontevera chooses to live independently without all the privileges, aiming to prove that she could lead their company without being married off to a business magnate. Gusto niy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing the Void (Magnates Series #3)
    1.2M 58.8K 48

    (Magnates Series #3) Azriella Dominique Laurel lost her family to a tragic explosion in a cruise ship. It turned her life upside down, with her believing that the incident was intentional and was easily dismissed by the media to hide the truth. Basta't may kapangyarihan, madaling makagawa ng paraan para hindi madungi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eternity
    720K 38.5K 43

    Taking risk is never easy. The guarantee we get by staying inside our comfort zone is both addicting and tricky. Minsan akala mo matapang ka na dahil marami ka nang pinagdaanan. Yun pala, hindi mo pa nahaharap ang tunay na laban. Calcifer M. Revano is the ball of sunshine in Calle Nueva. He lives free and easy. Advent...

  • Just a night with him (Published)
    10.2M 211K 24

    Seven years ago, Sheenalyn Ybarra made a mistake of joining a fraternity, seven years later, Sheenalyn Ybarra made a mistake of entering Sancho Consunji's turf. Witness how Sheena's life turns around because of the ruthless man who have marked her twice. Consunji Series 1st Gen Book # 02

  • Hands all over (Published)
    4.9M 101K 27

    Once upon a time is only applicable in fairy tales and princesses. Aura never believed in those but when life gets the best of her, she started hoping for a hero that would save her from the world she was in. But what would happen if the blast from the past named Adam Ignacio Consunji comes back and picks her up? Witn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Infatuation (Published)
    3.7M 98K 47

    Lukas Andres Cruise - Consunji is the SOLE heir of the CONSUNJI EMPIRES and being the Sole Heir, Lukas had no interest in keeping the family money - he would rather spend it. He lived his life believing that when the right time comes, he will inherit everything but things changed when some low life woman named Apollo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The runaway heiress
    4.4M 53.5K 20

    Yza Consunji had always had choices. She grew up having everything even if she didn't ask for it. She had a perfect life although she just wanted to be ordinary. What would happen if the reluctant heiress runs away to find herself? And what would happen to the two men fighting for her heart? Who would she choose? Who...

  • Fazed Arrow (The Athletes #2) COMPLETED
    953K 27.8K 48

    MONTEVINSKI SERIES #2 Uoiea Ishan Villaceran is one of the popular Archers. A hopeless daughter who always feel unlovely and a second option. And here comes the embodiment of a Greek God, Xydon Zeus Montevinski, a hot football player who can always make her heart feels everything it desires to feel. Everything was hap...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mid Air Ball (The Athletes #1) SOON TO BE PUBLISHED
    1.4M 44.3K 49

    MONTEVINSKI SERIES #1 Kelly Sian Gonzaga is the notorious girl captain of the generation. Everyone knows she likes Zoren Gray Montevinski, captain of the Glazing Fires from another campus. She always does everything to get him, and just when she's about to get what she wanted, she retreated. 🏐#1: Mid Air Ball (Kelly...

    Completed   Mature
  • Firm Tenacity (The Athletes #3) COMPLETED
    810K 28.2K 48

    MONTEVINSKI SERIES #3 Norwyn Enesi Tadashi is the Japanese setter of Raven Claws. She's known for being soft, selfless and solicitous. She thinks she's not yet ready for any romantic feelings for some reasons, that's why Mooze Diego Montevinski, the notorious playboy, badboy, and a basketball player of the generation...