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  • Falling
    12.7M 359K 47

    FREE STORY WITH PAID BONUS CONTENT Dante Brown has met many challenges in his life, all of them crumbled beneath the ground he walked. He is arrogant, cunning and brooding. He's on top of the world, a CEO for one of the largest companies in New York City. Nothing was tearing him down. Until her. Amelia Rhodes had bee...

  • Love & Loss
    17M 830K 97

    ATTENTION: This is the SECOND book of my Vampire's Pet series and cannot be read as a stand alone book. ~~~ I thought that my life had ended the day I got purchased by a blood thirsty monster. I thought that the rest of my life was going to be nothing but constant fear and suffering. But I couldn't have been more wr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Black Knight (Watty Awards 2012 Finalist)
    13.6M 489K 40

    She found him on the beach. His clothes spoke of wealth, his hands told of work, but it was the scars on his face that told Nan who the man before her was, Sir William Horton, the resident Hero of Ashford. He was the richest man in five counties and a well known bastard. Rumors of every kind were whispered about Ashfo...

  • Vampire's Pet
    46.8M 1.9M 88

    The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The rich and powerful humans could survive just as they had been, untouched by the vampires save for the occasional blood collections, or so they thought...

  • The Billionaire's Extraordinary Romance
    2.4M 91.7K 91

    No one deserves to be stuck in a complicated love triangle with their arranged husband and his girlfriend, especially not Kyra Casella, a broken young woman longing for nothing but a little bit of love and affection after years of being abused and battling depression. But, she is in the situation, stuck in a yearlong...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sinfully Yours
    704K 34.3K 94

    "I-I swear I didn't mean to enter this house. I got l-lost. I am s-sorry sir." She politely said taking a step back only for her to froze in the spot. "Seal" He smirked when the main door of the mansion got sealed just by his one command. He could see how much she was trembling in fear. She looked like little innocent...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Infatuation
    945K 59.3K 66

    The worst mistake that Sneha could do was to save a girl from getting assaulted. That is because the girl whom she saved was none other than the sister of the Mafia boss of Mumbai. Turned out that the mafia boss started doubting Sneha for being an accomplice of the assault. But, when her innocence was revealed, the un...

  • The 2022 Watty Awards
    381K 8.6K 17

    The Watty Awards are Wattpad's annual celebration of the galvanizing, inventive, diverse voices that choose to share their stories on Wattpad every year. The Wattys are so much more than an award. They're a celebration of what it takes to tell stories. This book contains the guidelines on how to enter the awards, inc...

  • Blindspot
    357K 22.5K 34

    I was 8 when I got promised to Andrei, my childhood friend. We shared a great bond and comfort with each other. But we didn't love each other. That word wasn't in my vocabulary and perhaps nor in his. I am genophobic. I am scared of sexual intimacy. I married Andrei, not aware of someone's eyes on me all through these...

  • His Sweet Bella
    1.5M 19K 18

    What happens when attraction turns into obsession? Heart breaks, blood spills, and life ends. Arabella, a naive eighteen-year-old orphan girl takes up the job of caretaker for a paralyzed little girl, not knowing a simple decision was going to change her life upside down. Killian Serrano, 26, is the don of the Span...

  • Siren's Writer's Interview
    7.6K 634 52

    "Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted." If you want to know more about your favorite writers then do take a look inside.

  • His Dark Embrace
    1.6M 79.8K 70

    'Are you afraid, do I scare you, baby girl'? He asked me in a sturdy accent And all I could do is nod in affirmation, as I lay on the bed trembling under his touch; I just wanted to control my urge to cry. I didn't want him to know he has absolute control over my mind, my fears, and sooner my body as well. "Lovely, yo...

    Completed   Mature