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    Ash has finally arrived in a new region ready to win more badges and leagues hopefully.But soon he discovers new joy in joining Pokemon school. Follow Ash through a brand new Clevan region as he competes for trophy of greatest Pokemon league. But this time , it is all different. May , Dawn, Serena and Anabel are inter...

  • NOTORIOUS // TFP Arcee X Reader
    101K 2.4K 23

    Life is rough. Not as rough as your criminal record, though. Released from prison not long ago, you're determined to integrate into the world better than before. You aren't going to steal from another human as long as you are human, you promise yourself. You end up having a surrogate child to take care of and a ma...

  • Little Optimus (TFP Little Series)
    60.2K 2K 7

    During a battle with the Decepticons, Optimus is turned into a sparkling. Ratchet races against time to restore him before they lose the Optimus they know. The rest of the team tries to help their leader the best they can. Keeping him safe and also making sure he doesn't feel useless. Can they help him before the sp...

  • Senko san x Shy! Male! Reader
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    There is not enough of these, so here is my weak ass attempt. I hope you find it entertaining and give me a follow if you like what I'm doing!

  • Princess boo X Male !OC
    19.9K 164 6

    Can't believe I am doing this but hey might as well get it out of the way I don't own all of these pics they are owned by the respective Reddit/Tumblr/and other shit posting communities

  • Pokemon: god's champion
    25.4K 379 19

    how would Ash being Arceus's champion affect the pokemon world? how would Ash do in the pokemon leagues If he had an Incredibly powerful team of pokemon? what if ash Actually caught legendary pokemon? and finally, what if ash was older by a few years with years of training his muscles and he actually noticed girls? fi...

  • A Life Worth Living (Book 1)
    39.9K 447 14

    You and Zangoose have been best friends since you were a little kid. Now that you're 14, She Thinks of you as more than a friend. Finished editing.

  • Pokemon high
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    This is a high school story with the main characters being Gardevoir and Lucario because why not. As high school students them and all the othe Pokemon are learning how to be the best and have to deal with basic high school problems-cough cough-pop quizzes, Internet post, bitchy teachers. Anyway the story will contain...

  • Gardevoir and I
    2.6K 39 4

    Ever wondered what Pokèmon trainers go through? I can tell you that for sure, I've been through happiness, I've been through sadness.. Like aboard the Emotion Train. Take a walk in my shoes and see through the eyes of a trainer...

  • Shattered Foresight [Pokemon Watty Awards 2016]
    445 19 6

    Stella's world is shattering around her. With the extreme pain of losing her trainer comes the loss of her most powerful weapon. Her foresight. Now lost, with no where to go and no teammates to look to, and no future to see, she must find a way to survive in this cruel world. Months after, Stella has found her place i...

  • Demonic Love: Remake (Maken-Ki x Male Reader)
    16.4K 247 6

    Y/N, a boy born with demonic energy has just started his new high school day at Tenbi Academy and he will discover just how special the school really is with magical powers known as Elements and weapons the students wield called Maken, he will also show that he is a little more special too like having a powerful demon...

  • Lover From Another World
    11K 249 5

    (Y/n) is accidentally killed by God but gets a second chance at life in a magical world with some pretty cute girls. This is his story

  • Rimuru in another world
    14.3K 453 15

    This story is about Rimuru going to another world to explore. This is a fanfic. Rimuru was bored of doing nothing so he wants to explore and have some fun. He wants to meet new people and make some new friends with Ciel by his side. ( Note : This is my second fanfic so please support and share your thoughts and sugge...

  • Our Other Place In The Sun
    11.1K 249 34

    Rem and Subaru one night get mysteriously transported into Subaru's world. Subaru helps Rem get adjusted to all that his world has to offer. All while he grows increasingly close to the blue haired maid

  • Oblivious Pokemon Master
    50.3K 699 21

    After the Eternatus attack in the Galar region, Ash decided to train and make himself more stronger to battle the Champion Leon. Professor Cerise told ash that he needs to train harder so He can reach his goal to become a pokemon master. Ash agreed and told Professor Cerise to not tell Goh and Chloe about this. Well...

  • MHA futa girls x Deku
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    When Deku was a child around 5 years he saw a magazine that had futa girls all over it and he thought it was really hot so when he got older he loved futa girls so what will happen to deku find out in this story

  • New College, New Romantic (The Sequel to Ash The Romantic)
    3.8K 64 12

    "ASH THE ROMANTIC GOING TO COLLEGE?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "You and your girlfriend need an education." Delia told me. "I'm not his girlfriend.." Serena mumbled. "Well, you two are going to Kanto College." Delia explained. And.. now were here. I wonder what awaits us..

  • Pokémon: Sky high
    8.8K 188 8

    Continuation of Pokémon XYZ where Ash decided to return to the Kalos region to see his friends, especially one of them, Serena, after the kiss in the airport.

  • S 7 A R 5
    2.5K 70 11

    The smallest things can be bigger things. Ash Ketchum is travelling the world to become a Pokemon Master. He will also discover the secrets of his life and the love of his life. Will he ever succeed? Continues after Ash's adventure in Pokemon Sun And Moon episode 40

  • Alola, amour!
    135K 2.1K 43

    ON HIATUS! Serena is tired, tired of performing and contests, and decides to go on holiday to Alola for a while, only to find that she's finding a new adventure there with a very familiar person. DISCLAIMER! I don't own Pokemon or most of these characters!

  • Alola Together
    2K 30 8

    Yes POKÉMON sorry guys but I have been into Pokémon lately so that's why I haven't posted or made any new aphmau books you might see a lot of this... any way on to the little description Ash has been in the Alola reigon but to his surprise old best friends arrive surprised seeing ash there to Pokémon and people!! What...

  • Land of the forgotten Pokémon
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    (Note: Please read this story on Wattpad. If you are reading it on any other site or app it is stolen.) A land where forgotten Pokémon call their home. Once a species of Pokémon is forgotten they come here. There was once a Pikachu with a white chest roaming around Poketown. Due to him being different and everyone fo...

  • Raising the Kingdom ( Monster Girl Encyclopedia x Male!Reader )
    5.5K 59 3

    The monsters have changed, once being but primal beasts now they have become beautiful and exotic women all ready to find a man and make him into being her husband, even if it have to be by force. The initial chaos and wars that have been waged beforehand left many destroyed place which were once inspiring temples or...

  • Hero's Quest ( Male!Reader x MGE Monster Girls )
    36.9K 329 5

    Welcome, young Hero! I see that you've decided to become an adventurer, huh? I guess your parents have to be proud of you! You don't even know what to do? Hah! Happens to all of the Heroes, even those great ones before you! I could tell you a lot of diffrent stuff that wouldn't be as useful in your travel... But, let...

  • Alien Hero of IS Academy (Male Reader X Infinite Stratos)
    4.2K 94 4

    Y/N L/N the World Famous Superhero who can transform into different Aliens is now transferring to Japan as the only male student in IS Academy. What will happen when he gets the attention of many girls there? What happens when new and old enemies appears? Read and find out. I don't own Ben 10 and Infinite Stratos they...

  • Fnia Five Nights at Candy's Story
    2K 51 8

    After Jacob Rossi is temporarily moved to another business of William Afton, He finds himself working at Candy's Burgers and Anime. Elizabeth and The Sister Location girls join him at this new place and Jacob feels very lucky to have his many love interests with him to this job but when they learn Candy and her crew a...

  • The Wind Beneath The Fairy's Wings (Fairy Tail X OC)
    1.4K 13 28

    Ramza (My OC) lost the only place he had known as home. When dark creatures of shadow storm and raze his house, his father decides to send him to Magnolia by a teleportation spell. He instructs him to seek the guild known as Fairy Tail, who welcome him with open arms. Follow the Fairy Tail gang and Ramza in their adve...

  • Welcome to Earth
    105K 1.4K 11

    its was another normal day for Y/n as he went back to his house as he lives alone since his parents......passed and since he didn't have many friends in school he doesn't go out much but that all changes when he gets a knock at his door and a group of familiar people change his life forever #1 kalibelladonna August 2...

  • Arcee x male human reader
    42.4K 342 6

    AN: absolutely no one has done this so I'm going to be the first one to do it um this is based off a pm chat that I had in the transformers RP amino...don't judge me and it will contain mature language and antics that are ment for an immature adult audience and if you like this story follow and vote.

  • Reborn (Transformers Prime x Reader) VERY VERY OLD
    103K 2.2K 27

    Given up on rewriting You had a strange dream, a voice that calls himself Primus tell you that your team mates needs you. What did he ment? What do you have to do with the Autobots and Decepticons? What is the scenes that is going through your mind has to do with the others? This is my first story, sorry if there is...