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  • Arranged|Mark Lee
    304K 7.5K 40

    He grabbed a marker and drew a line at the center of the bed sheet. "I'll take the left you'll take the right" he told her. "There's a couch at the other side of the room dumbass. Find a way to remove that line on that bed sheet or I will kill you" she said and left the room. Started: May 2019 Finished: May 2020

  • Living Together?! | Mark Lee
    1.3M 39.3K 53

    [ENDING CHANGED/UPDATED] "You're the only girl who doesn't fall to my feet and it's driving me crazy." NCT Mark AU Mark x Reader

    Completed   Mature
  • Band Aids || Mark Lee
    2.3M 102K 37

    - She never knew giving a boy a band aid would lead to this - Gang! Au #1 in Mark #2 in kpop Thank you guys!!

  • My First Love (NCT Mark FF)
    175K 4.8K 22

    Park Eunjin, also known as Vi Park, has had a crush on Mark Lee ever since she fist encountered the boy. It started in Elementary and went on into high school but then he just disappeared........ (I'm not Canadian so I don't know how schools really work over there, so sorry if I'm wrong) -Thanks to @cutieBin for the c...

  • Hoodie | NCT Mark
    236K 7.9K 61

    "When did you steal my hoodie?" He asked you, pointing to the one of the floor that used to belong to him. Your cheeks flushed red, remembering that you did in fact steal his hoodie in the first place. "A while ago." You said and he laughed. He turned around to face you and he stared deeply in your eyes. His hand ca...

  • Ethereal love ➳ Mark Lee
    2.4M 103K 79

    ➳ Mafia/Gang au ➳ "You're too innocent Areum, I'd ruin you."

  • Exhale ⤫ Park Jisung
    3.2M 177K 117

    ⤫Demon au ⤫"You make me want to ruin you." Book 1 in the Drippin' series

  • Fools ▪️ Park Jisung
    3M 135K 80

    ▪️Mafia/Gang au ▪️Soulmate au ▪️"Only fools fall for you."

  • Thrilling » Huang Renjun
    2.7M 137K 99

    » Mafia/Gang au » "I told you not to fall for me."

  • Enigmatic ➥ Haechan
    2.6M 117K 99

    ➥ Mafia/Gang au ➥ "I could shoot you dead right here- don't try it."

  • Insatiable ◆ Lee Jeno
    2M 103K 88

    ◆ Mafia/Gang au ◆He has a bad reputation and insatiable habits

  • The baby project ° Park Jisung
    2M 121K 86

    ° It all started with a baby.

  • Solitary ♢ Na Jaemin
    1.5M 72.3K 48

    ♢ He was the one everyone stayed away from, she was the one everyone loved

  • Unrequited 》Mark Lee
    1.1M 58.8K 59

    》It hurts knowing you'll never love me the way I love you Trigger warning; a lot of mentions of depression, anorexia and self harm Cover by @lor-beer

  • Scream ✘ Huang Renjun
    1M 75.2K 74

    ✘ Demon Au ✘ "Oh Darling you have no idea what I'm capable of." Book 3 in the Drippin' series

  • Late replies ☾ Mark Lee
    2.7M 149K 120

    ☾ Idol au ☾ Social media/text au ☾ "Yo what, how did you know that?" "Mark...I'm literally your fan."