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  • [18+] The Blazing Black Knight (Fantasy harem x M! reader)
    20.7K 223 8

    [ON HOLD, STATUS UNKNOWN] A fantasy story x male reader. Not sure how long this'll be. Yes, there'll be lemons in it too.

  • [18+] Love, Lust, & Power (MILF harem x M! reader)
    396K 3.6K 29

    A milf harem x male reader story. This is supposed to be a 600 follower special. My plan is to update weekly. Currently working on description. I don't own any pics, gif, or videos. They belong to their owners. I will try crediting them if I can find them. #1 in Lewds-8/8/2020 #1 in references-6/25/2021 Prepare for...

  • El caos en nuestro corazón - AyanokoujixKushida
    5.2K 658 6

    Empezara desde el encuentro entre kushida y ayanokouji en la azotea. Y me refiero de la NL, cuando horikita sugirió el grupo de estudio por primera vez y todos se separaron. Ayanokouji es un poco diferente al de la NL, para darte un resumen el se sentía aburrido. No encontró nada interesante en sus primeros días por...

  • COTE: Harem king's daily life
    6.6K 170 8

    A Classroom of the elite-/youkoso jitsuryoku Shugi shijou no kyoshitu e fanfiction Absolute fucking mess of a story, cringe af completely different from canon maybe some OC and maybe charachters from other stuff. Harem trash, power fantasy trash, a complete amalgamation of ideas. Harem, but main girl is Fuka because s...

  • A Close Family (+18)
    76.4K 981 7

    Stepfamilies can have rocky relationships, but later on they can be a lot closer than ever. Original work by STIKER123

    Completed   Mature
  • ♡Samara Morgan♡ (The Ring)
    227K 4.6K 25

    You're not invited to the 'so called party nextdoor.' why would you? You're pathetic as they say, and no one is interested in you. Bored out of your fucking mind. You decide to play that...weird VHS tape you found in the library. The tape didn't have a name or anything, but what else is there to do? You might as well...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sextudy Group (Ayanokouji Kiyotaka)
    5.3K 349 4

    "This study group... It wasn't what I expected...". That was Ayanokouji Kiyotaka's thought when he discovered the secret of the History Study Group. (Alert: This story contains sexual scenes. I know perfectly well that this alert is going to be ignored, so I hope you enjoy this story).

  • (LEWD) Male Reader X Female Various (Mostly Lemons)
    41.1K 291 6

    Artwork by: zeroshiki kouichi Twitter: @punopupupu Mature and degenrate audiences only Will have saucy and doujin like tags. The Vanilla versions is sadly "safe for work censorship" Mostly for fun

  • The Start (Suzune x Kiyotaka)
    24.8K 780 21

    This is a fan fiction from me. The anime is Classroom of the Elite. Suzune and Kiyotaka. This fan fiction will start when they are little. Like around 12 or 13 is good. It goes until they are in high school. Or maybe even more if I want to. It has a lot of chapters. Some of which are short while others are long. Warni...

    27.2K 1.3K 33

    One shot book of classroom of the elite. This one shot book is made mostly by me, I am a new writer but was taught by Brian744. With his help and well his patience to actually teach me his writing style, I am now making one shots. I have been trying to accept requests made and writing then. Due to me having someon...

  • Los ojos de la Pasión//Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou //One Shorts
    10.1K 268 2

    Contenido Hot Los personajes no son míos Historia original 🚫No adaptaciones

  • Toxic
    9.1K 311 6

    Ayanokoji has always been curious. What if this time his curiosity led him to investigating the debauched side of humanity. He does not want to regret anything and live his three years of freedom to the fullest. So when a question came to mind, one that he was genuinely curioused about, he wants an answer. And that he...

  • Stay with me [+18]
    14.9K 775 10

    Nariyuki las conoció por la tarea del director de ser el tutor de tres chicas de su escuela, pero jamás pensó que la relación entre tutor y alumnas llegaría a otros niveles. En la vida en distintas rutas para el amor, solamente hay que tener valor para tomar el camino y llegar hasta el final.

  • Himawari ga Yoru ni Saku, Despues Del NTR
    42.9K 2.4K 22

    que tal soy yo nuevamente su amigo Booster con otra venganza al NTR en esta ocasión como con yuuta ayudaremos a este hombre ya mayor llamado norihito, el cual a sido traicionado por su propia esposa, a pesar; que el cometió un error, el no tiene idea de las consecuencias por dejar a su esposa como secretaria privada d...

  • Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni, Despues Del NTR
    81.2K 4.8K 22

    Después de darle venganza a otome dori vamos ayudar a un chico que no tiene ninguna culpa de lo que puede pasar con su novia natsuha, ella por tratar de llegar a la expectativa de yuuta, se hunde en un pozo que no podrá salir, aunque ella ama a yuuta su decisión al final del hentai, cava su propia tumba y yo Booster...

    Completed   Mature
  • Akane Wa Tsumare Somerareru Ni, Despues del NTR
    15.5K 884 8

    Hola, soy yo su amigo el booster red, esta ves les traigo una gran sorpresa quiero hacer algo especial me imagino que todos ustedes a saben sobre este otro doujin NTR de takeda hiromitsu que se acaba de estrenar este año 2022 al parecer todos lo esperaba no solo por la historia que takeda hace sino por el estudio de...

  • Otome Dori, Despues Del NTR
    20.1K 701 6

    que hubiera pasado con Kasuki de todo aquello que no se ven en la serie ahora vamos a saber como le fue a kasuki y a Otome después de lo que vimos pero en esta ocacion se voltearan la cosa para los personajes ahora veremos la otra cara de la moneda

  • Classroom of the Elite: The Eroge
    32.1K 1.8K 11

    When Ayanokouji Kiyotaka wished for something that can interest him in his new school, he never expected that it would be something like this. After waking up with some weird texts appearing around him and finding out that he is some kind of 'Protagonist' with the power of raising 'Flags', will he be able to survive w...

  • Classroom of the Elite What If's Collection
    17.6K 464 10

    This is just a collection of What If's that popped up on my mind. Classroom of the Elite is by Shougo Kinugasa. Credits to Tomose Shunsaku for the cover.

  • Adult Kiyotaka ayanokōji
    7.5K 197 6

    Kiyotaka is an adult

  • Sensual Impact {Genshin Girls X Male reader Smut Oneshots}
    29.3K 453 5

    CW: Explicit Smut Sexual Shenanigans in Tevyat Deprived Oneshots staring your favorite Genshin characters

  • Honkai/Genshin Impact Females x Male reader
    60.6K 904 7

    You get into frisky or loving moments with the females of Honkai and Genshin impact whether it is with the Valks in Honkai or the Vision and regular folk of Genshin. Your vision is Dendro because why not?

  • Snippets: Classroom of the elite
    1.6K 87 2

    Because of a clerical error, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji saw something he shouldn't have seen in his training in the white room. No one said anything at the time, but now that he has the freedom he had always wanted, many girls are going to say something. Disclaimer: (lemons) I do not own any characters.

  • Is It Wrong To Fall In Love With My Student?
    3.6K 178 2

    - This is mainly from Chabashira's perspective - Sae is currently having mixed feelings about falling in love with her male student. The image of him makes her go crazy. This contains 18+ writing, read at your own risk. •/||\• I DO NOT OWN CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE. CREDITS GO TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR.

  • Vengeance But At What Cost? (Male Reader) (Going To Be Remade)
    9.5K 249 19

    So, for this book Y/N is someone kind of mysterious you could say? Growing up Y/N was bullied. From Middle school through the entirety of High school. Teachers just didn't get paid enough to care, I guess. So, Y/N eventually encounters his middle through high school bully, and some stuff happens is all I'll say. I do...

    Completed   Mature
  • The demon in human clothing 18+ (male "kiyo" Inspired OC x Massive Harem)
    5.9K 148 9

    *this is a redemption story by the way* kurugaya soro a young man with "brown" hair and "black" eye's, he had a happy life, the perfect mom, the perfect sisters,the perfect friends, the perfect girlfriend, but that all changed because of HIM, one of his bullies, HE made his family forget about him, made them abandon h...

  • Ultimate Gacha System DXD - Hyoudou Issei
    236K 6.4K 71

    One day, upon waking up from bed after the departure of Irina, Issei was greeted by a screen only he could see. A message explained to him that he received the system known as the Ultimate Gacha System. At first, Issei thought he was dreaming, but he never woke up no matter what he did, whether to slap himself or pinc...

  • Classroom Of The Elite - Short Stories [On Hiatus]
    178K 4.6K 36

    Random One Shots And Short Stories of Kiyo with Classroom Of The Elite Waifus.