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  • Dirge of Hell | Greek Mythology
    19.7K 538 37

    The beginning of Hades Aidoneus - the Greek god king of the Underworld. A greek mythology fanfiction filled with romance, drama, family, comedy and tragedy all rolled into one.

  • The Tale Between Us-Greek Mythology Au(Bakudeku)
    19.2K 673 20

    This is a story that takes place during one of my most favorite historical times: The Renaissance In this story, Izuku wants to become an aspiring sculptor artist. After finally turning eighteen, he moved out from his parents place and took a job as an artist assistant. Ever since he was little, he used to live in Gr...

  • The first son of Kratos
    2.2K 16 5

    This is a fanfic taking place in a parrell universe where kratos had a son named skar, the oldest of his siblings. I hope you enjoy this :D.

  • The Son of Kratos
    6.5K 107 23

    In this story, the son of a God of Greek and Norse must not only face the troubles of a teenager and a demigod, but also his destiny. He finds friends. Death. Pain. War. Family. Betrayal. Love. Can he make it through all his challenges? Can he have a happy ending with the person he loves? I don't own PJO or God of War

  • Trials (An ErasermicXreader Medieval AU)
    12.1K 567 19

    The reader, once a respected healer for the village down the lane, finds herself convicted of witchcraft. Saved by two mysterious heroes, Hizashi and Shouta introduce her to the world of those gifted with extraordinary abilities... and those who hunt them.

  • Clementine x Male reader season 1
    128K 3.9K 53

    Yo, first off I just wanted to say that I DO NOT OWN TELLTALES THE WALKING DEAD OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS. This is a story that involves you the male reader a.k.a Y/n L/n and your gonna be clementines best friend, then later on Bf. Now with that out of the way I just wanted to say that this is my first time actually w...

  • Life is Strange 2 (Sean Diaz x Female!Reader)
    130K 3.5K 30

    After running away from a foster home, 16 year old (y/n) (l/n), with only a pocketful of money and a backpack full of supplies, is all alone and on her own as she travels on the open road. But what happens when she meets two brothers, Sean and Daniel, during her adventure?