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  • Gratsu: Timetables
    43.3K 2.1K 19

    What if the day you would meet your true love was destined? Natsu Dragneel, a twenty-two year old optimist visiting his family over the holidays, opens a mysterious present with no known sender. Inside it is an old pocketwatch with a note attached to it explaining that when the timer goes off, he will meet his true lo...

  • Ten Days Until Christmas [Gratsu]
    7.3K 585 12

    Gray has decided to speak up to Natsu about his feelings before Christmas comes around. The only problem is that the Fairy Tail Christmas party is in ten days, and Gray hasn't planned how he's gonna tell the flame brain yet. The goal is to go to the party with Natsu as his date.

  • With Me... (NaLu)
    240K 7K 38

    Natsu Dragneel the leader of the great Fairy Tail mafia after the past leader Makarov Dreyar had been killed by an unknown mafia group. No one was taking claim for Makarov's death as Fairy Tail was known nearly everywhere gangs and power was involved. Natsu was also the richest man in Magnolia as him and his mafia gro...

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝑺𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓-𝒊𝒏-𝑳𝒂𝒘
    139K 3.1K 60

    rewritten "Am I even allowed to love you?" Date finished: February 14, 2018

  • One and Only
    210K 5.3K 38

    Natsu Dragneel, one of the richest men in the world. Not only is he rich but he's known for being very young and having good looks. One thing is certain, Natsu doesn't seem to have any weakness. This is good considering he runs a mafia group call Fairy Tail. Having no weakness for him shows that his mafia group can't...

  • Dream Come True
    277K 9.1K 45

    NALU!!!! "She looks exactly like the girl in my dreams." "He looks exactly like the boy in my dreams." "He/She is like a dream come true." ------ One boy and one girl with total different backgrounds and who come from two different places. But casually end up going to the same highschool, and to make matters even more...

  • Get Used To Me (gratsu Fanfic)
    99.9K 2.5K 22

    Lets just say Natsu is shy. Will his new friends change that though? Read to figure out what happens. (DISCONTINUED) #10 on #grayxnatsu

  • Don't let go (BoyxBoy)
    89.2K 2.7K 9

    Gray and Natsu have been fighting and it ended badly. Gray now regrets his actions and wants his lovable pyro back. But will it be too late, will Gray ever say 'I love you' to him ever again?

  • The Slave
    79.8K 3.1K 13

    Gray is the prince of a small desert city called Fairy Tail. The young prince's life isn't easy and it gets even more complicated when his father captures Dragon Tribe's leader and turns him into Gray's slave! Gratsu ALL CREDITS BELONG TO PEANUT61654 ON FANFICTION.NET! I don't own this story, Peanut-Senpai does. This...

  • Fixing A Dragon's Broken Heart (GraTsu)
    22.5K 612 6

    This is my first Gratsu fanfic! In the future i might do a StingSu version of this story. Natsu is in love with Gray, when he's going to confess he hears something that leaves him in tears. Sting comforts Natsu and asks him out , and Natsu accepts but is Sting all that good? Will Gray realize his mistake? and who will...

  • Our Sinfully Black Vows
    34.8K 1.2K 34

    A cute and hot pink haired angel, Natsu Dragneel, has came to the world of Earth to escape from his fate. A sexy and stubborn human, Gray Fullbuster, is tied down by the chains of forced marriage. The two met on a special day and soon create a love in which is forbidden. For this love to become these two must be commi...

  • Errant Souls •Gratsu• (Older Version)
    48.6K 1.8K 31

    (Previously titled as "Psychotic Love") Natsu is a Journalist. For all his entire years as a travelling journalist, he had braved through haunted schools, creepy houses, and scary mansions, and he had lived to tell the tale. One day, when all of a sudden, his friends, knowing that he's a journalist, had somehow convi...

  • Addicted To Love (GirlxGirl)
    573K 9.6K 16

    Angel Cassidy is just a normal teenage girl. She lives in a world where everything seem's wrong, until one day she decides to be just like her popular friends, she just wants to fit in. In order to fit in, she thinks the only way is to have a makeover. Now looking hot as ever, she goes through days of finding differen...

  • Vampire In Love
    201K 5.8K 42

    Natsu Dragneel a vampire at Fairy Tail Academy, a school only for vampires. He is one of the top vampires at his school. All the girls love him for his good looks and his act of being cold hearted, when in reality he's quite funny and fun only around his group of friends who are also all very popular in Fairy Tail jus...

  • The Family (IV)
    166K 5.1K 29

    BOOK 4. The Family series. WARNING: This part is darker than the rest. ORIGINAL.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Family (II)
    268K 5.8K 22

    BOOK 2. The Family series. ORIGINAL.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Family (III)
    162K 4K 20

    BOOK 3. The Family series. ORIGINAL.

    Completed   Mature
  • Till Death Do Us Part {Completed}
    247K 11.3K 28

    Lacey Hannigan was never your average girl. Why? Because she can see ghosts. In a new town, she feels like she can finally move on with her life, and feels like she has a better grip on herself than ever. Until Finn McDermott enters, the ghost of a hot, arrogant quarterback that disappeared nine months ago...

  • Still The Queen
    351K 10.3K 25

    And she always will be. -Him with his black leather jacket on, and Her in his hardcore heart.- ORIGINAL. Author's Personal Favorite.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Baby (NaLu Fanfic)
    327K 6.6K 35

    Ranks: #543- 9/4/17 #406- 9/4/17 #312- 9/10/17 #307- 9/11/17 #276- 9/13/17 #272- 9/13/17 #237- 9/17/17 Natsu Dragneel.....Just that name can give every student in Fiore Academy chills and fright, He is the Gang King and his Gang is named as Fairytail Gang. The most powerful of all. Now we can't have a King who d...

  • Until there's nothing left of me
    7K 219 3

    In a desperate attempt to dodge a six months meeting- Natsu Dragneel, ruler of the northern kingdom, decided to take a vacation. He has never set foot out of his own territory and decided that it's the best time to go on an adventure. He only knows a few things about his world and it's mysteries. So, he embarks on a j...

  • The Flat Friends (ROOM MATES BOOK 2)
    53.6K 1.5K 23

    Imagine a world with no mistakes...or rather, a world that doesnt allow them. Lucy Heartfilia wakes up two years in the past, having to relive the whole experience of university again... until she gets it right. 💚SEQUEL TO MY PREVIOUS BOOK 'ROOM MATES' 🚫I ADVISE YOU READ IT FIRST IF YOU WANT THIS BOOK TO MAKE SENSE...

  • Her little Secret
    65.2K 2.3K 16

    She's just your average bookworm antisocial 18 year old girl. She keeps to her self at the book store, till her manager hired him. The pink headed nosy boy always trying to get in her business. But she has a little secret and let's just say it has to do with her being born in 1859. Disclaimer: All characters belong...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairy Tail: I See The Light (nalu)
    120K 5.4K 31

    He had everything, yet needed everything. Natsu Dragneel had everything, the looks, the brains, and the money. Afterall, he was the son of the famous millionaire, Igneel. People think that he has the perfect life, but we all know that no one is perfect, in fact Natsu is from from it. Jude knows Lucy's destiny, so wit...

  • Our Love Story [Gray X Reader]
    732K 22.6K 31

    This story is for all those Gray Fans! Put your hands in the air if you like Boys who strips without noticing, has ice magic, and has a kind heart? Well lets read about it in the story! Aye sir! ©Do Not copy my stories, if you do you will be reported immediately I Do Not Own Fairy Tail

  • Fire and ice ( Parts 1 & 2 )
    18.9K 977 41

    Completed   Mature
  • The Youtubers That Live Upstairs
    72.8K 2.5K 20

    [ Nalu, Gale, Gruvia, Jerza, Miraxus, and Stingyu/Stiyu ] Six normal teens living normal lives as juniors. That is, until six famous youtubers move into the apartment just above them; and these certain girls have certain crushes on these six. "Why are you so damn go-" "Gorgeous?" I growled. "Good at this!" [ Side Shi...

  • Sabertooth's Princess
    2.5M 70.3K 75

    Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss kick Lucy out of Team Natsu. The heartbroken girl trains hard, fueled by the rejection and joins Sabertooth. Who is this 'Sabertooth Princess'? (!Brother Zeref, !Sister Lucy, Good Minerva) © silverkatana [#105 in fanfiction]

  • Do you still love me? [gratsu fanfic]
    59.1K 2K 11

    Natsu was worried. No not only worried terrified. It seemed like Gray (the most important person in his life and boyfriend) was drifting away from him. He was desperately trying to see if something was wrong and what he had to do to fix it. He loved Gray to the universe and back and he thought that Gray felt the same...