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  • Hide but don't seek √Nmixx√
    7.4K 538 12

    ✓Nmixx FF✓ You decide to play hide and seek with these girls from your school. Everything seems normal....well except for the part where its actually a ritual and you must hide from them or else you're dead. Will you be able to survive the night and fight back? Read to see ;) Nmixx x You Thriller and romance short st...

  • Guilty|| Nmixx/Itzy
    6.8K 470 17

    12 girls but 1 Or perhaps 2 killer(s) Who could it be? Nmixx/Itzy thriller/crime story. Based off the movie franchise "Scream." Started book: March 26, 2022 Ended book: April 16, 2022 {Completed Story}

  • |Foolish| √Nmixx√
    12.5K 816 20

    "My advice is to never go out with a girl like Bae, she's a confusing girl with foolish tendencies at the end." (Nmixx) Bae x Y/N FF angst. •Started book: February 23, 2022 •Ended book: March 28, 2022 {Completed book}