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  • Twilight Academy
    187K 8.1K 73

    (COMPLETED) Si Shakira Sutherland ay isang Vampire na walang ibang hinangad kundi ang mamuhay nang mapayapa. Ngunit isang pangyayari ang magpapabago sa takbo ng kanyang buhay. Matututo siyang maghiganti sa mga Vampire na pumatay sa kanyang mga magulang. Kaya naisipan niyang pumasok sa Twilight Academy. Magtatagumpay...

  • Titan Academy of Special Abilities
    55.2M 1.7M 53

    Having enhanced senses cannot help one earn a living. A useless special ability--or at least, that's what Shia Sheridan believes. But when she is caught for a crime she did not commit, this useless ability saves her, leading her to enroll in Titan Academy, the very place she hates with a passion. *** Titan Academy is...

  • Zombie Outbreak: The Apocalypse ✓
    3.2M 146K 102

    #Wattys2016Winner | TAGLISH A Sci-fi/Action Story ⋘ ───────── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ───────── ⋙ Everything was natural until an unknown virus emerges in their homeland, and it began in their school. Now, Kaesha Unice's ordinary life turned into a cycle that swirl around shooting, killing, and escaping from a horde of flesh...

  • She's The Vampire Mafia Boss
    518K 14.2K 63

    "if you're ready to face hell, just call me and I'll be there to send you in hell"-Aica Yvonne De Luna. she's a vampire who is living in the world of human. many people say she is a monster but she's just drinking the blood of human who deserves to die. she was adopted by the mafia lord that's why she became THE VAMPI...

  • Accidentally Charged [COMPLETED]
    194K 5K 45

    Zoey is not an ordinary girl. Mararamdaman mo sa kanya ang sparks when you touch her. LITERALLY. Not because of feeling inlove but because she possess a power that no one knows except her. Join her as she unravel her capabilities and her life as a girl that was accidentally charged. Inspired by: Shatter Me Series of...

  • Viciously Charged [COMPLETED]
    52.1K 1.5K 29

    With Rain being abducted by the SkyTech. Zoey has only two things in mind that she surely wants to be done. Save Rain and kill Conner Heinz no matter what. Sa lugar kung saan natapos ang lahat, doon sya magsisimulang bumangon. Wrath and pain as her weapon, she will make sure that Conner Heinz will pay for taking the l...

  • Dragon Tamer - Book 1
    4.1M 245K 81

    Marcie is an oddity in her village, the daughter of a widower with both village and outsider blood in her veins. She cares for her drunken father, and struggles to fit in with the rest of the village. Everything changes when she comes across two dragons, a mother and her new born, and unwittingly becomes the Tamer of...

  • Dragon Fire - Book 2 [discontinued due to rewrite]
    299K 24K 21

    She has escaped. She is free and the world awaits. No one knows her. But they soon will.

  • Altheria: School of Alchemy
    23.2M 792K 115

    Jasmin used to believe in alchemy and her grandfather's stories about it. But as she grows older, she too grows up and considers his tales a myth for kids. That is, until she turns seventeen--with her life put in danger--and she is forced to start believing in the existence of magic again. *** When Jasmin's life is in...

  • The World That I Dream
    66.2K 2.5K 45

    Ones upon the time in a far away place, there is a person who always feel bored because of his perfect life, his ready to throw everything just to change his world.... One day His sister invite him to take a look to a school mystery but an angel appear and he can change what he want for good.... what will happen to hi...

  • Poisonous Rose ( S I G N E D )
    237K 5K 47

    The self proclaimed goon, with the nerd-in-disguise mafia queen.. What could feasibly happen if the both of them meet? What could feasibly spark after their need to compete? Will their violence hastily collide? Or, rather... Will the two end up standing on the same side? This is the love that oppose, The Poisonou...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Runaway Masked Princess Of The Two World
    88.4K 1.8K 46

    Paano nga ba kung ang kalahati ng dugong dumadaloy sa katawan mo ay ang dugong kinasusuklaman ng maraming tao, maging ang sarili mong kapatid? Si Prinsesa Celestia, siya ay isang kalahating Daimon o kilala bilang isang masamang tao. Dahil sa itim na apoy na tanging ang mga Royal Blooded na nagmula sa Infernos, ang mun...

  • EVRY ACADEMY(The Stones)
    139K 5K 38

    Limang batong nagkahiwa hiwalay. Nagtagpo at muling nagbalik. The dreamed became Reality. New generation is coming. How they will be accept the fact that they are the missing stones? New world, new faces to be encountered. New life, new hope. EVRY ACADEMY (The Stones) @lahlyn PS: para sa mga hindi pa po nakabasa ng Se...

  • Mint Academy: The school for intelligent
    3M 100K 106

    THANK YOU @thehappybutsad FOR THE BOOK COVER SET <3 LOVE IT SO MUCH! <3 #4 in Fantasy #3 in Fantasy

  • Mint Academy 2: Black Organization
    478K 18.3K 55

    THANK YOU @thehappybutsad FOR THE BOOK COVER SET <3 LOVE IT SO MUCH! <3 Mint Academy Series #2 Have you ever tried to kill someone? have you or have not? Let's support the Verdant Ellipse to their journey on how they will dwell with the black organization.

  • Teen Age Mafia Queen
    171K 3.4K 35

    yes she's smiling yet inside she's CRYING.... her name is Ayesha Ricaforte.... a sweet and lovable teenage girl who's suffering from pain...agony...and hatred... which totally turns her from a sweet teenage girl into a merciless MAFIA QUEEN ...

  • The Mysterious Girl of Clantania Academy(The missing Princess)
    8.9M 277K 66

    Claire Cassidy doesn't show her face , doesn't socialize with people and always prefer to be alone, these are the reasons why she was branded as the Mysterious Girl. Little did people know that she was more than a Mysterious Girl...Behind the cloth that covers her face, is a face of a Goddess. How could Clantania Aca...

  • The Ignorant Princess (With TV Adaptation)
    6.2M 70.6K 111

    Welcome sa buhay ni Therese "THE IGNORANT PRINCESS"! Already published by LIFEBOOKS Publishing, sana suportaan nyo ang Book 1 and 2! With TV Adaptation viaTV5's Wattpad Presents!

  • The Ignorant No More
    84.2K 2.7K 20

    When that PERFECT ending is just the start of a CHALLENGING BEGINNING. The Ignorant Princess Sequel

  • Pag Ako Pumayat, "HU U?" Ka Sakin!: SEQUEL (Under Revision)
    1.5M 30.2K 54

    "Now suddenly, everything has changed." -Musika Mashima A SECOND book of "Pag Ako Pumayat, 'Hu U?' Ka Sakin! (c)2016

  • Pag Ako Pumayat, "HU U?" Ka Sakin! (REVISED)
    8.9M 231K 78

    Sobrang insecure niya sa sarili. Lagi niyang kinukumpara ang sarili niya sa iba. Simula bata pa siya'y laman na siya ng mga tawanan at asaran ng mga kaklase at kababatang kaibigan dahil sa pagiging mataba. Ang pangalan niya ay Musika. Unti-unti niyang napagtatantong kailangan niya nang baguhin ang sarili nang makilala...

  • Twelve Academy: The Beginning
    379K 10.5K 51

    What if there's a light would you allow your curiosity to follow it? Start: February 24 2015 (Draft) May 01 2015 (Publish) End: July 26 2015

  • Campus Nerd To Campus Princess (Published)
    18.8M 294K 105

    Published under Pop Fiction

    Completed   Mature
    318K 2.3K 7

    Isang mundong hindi mo alam kung may kasiguraduhan ka bang mabuhay o wala. Mapapa-isip ka nalang kung binuhay ba ako sa mundong ito upang ialay ang o kailangan ko lang tanggapin ang katotohanan na dapat ko'ng bawiin ang mundong AKIN. "You need to protect the world of yours. You are the MAGICAL WARRIOR PRINCESS and yo...

  • I am D.E.V.I.L.
    482K 15.9K 54

    this story is about a childish gangster. hindi sya yung typical gangster na cold. but when you mess with her, di mo sya makikilala dahil nagmumukha syang sugo ng impyerno! yes! tama kayo! 'her' because she's a girl. ASTIG kasi kapag babae ang bida! enjoy!!

    Completed   Mature
  • She's a Gun maker!
    18.2K 436 37

    A young girl at a young age owns a Gun store, she's also a.... GUN MAKER?! Are you F*** serious?Unfortunately.. YES she is a gun maker and a very good one in her craft. She is also a gun store owner. But will you stay beside her if your life is also at stake because of the dangers that she'll be facing? Question is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Assassin's Tale: The Art of Killing 🌹 COMPLETED 🌹
    844K 26.4K 85

    "I was born to kill, raised to kill, and I'll kill until death. I kill and get paid. There's no room for love." She's cold. He's loud. She acts like she doesn't care. He only cares for himself. She's the dark sky at night. He's the bright sun that brings the light. The Dusk and the Dawn. Two different personaliti...

  • Hidden Personality
    62.5K 1.6K 48

    Sinong mag aakala na ang isang Nerd na gaya ni Nikki Faye ay ang pinakasikat na modelo ngayon sa industriya na si Miss Eef. Pinakaiingat ingatang sikreto na maaaring mabunyag sa iba sa isang salita lang ng isang binatang mahilig mang asar. At sa kasamaang palad ay siya mismo ang natipuhang guluhin ang buhay. Mananatil...

  • Treasure Academy (Complete : Revising)
    195K 7.3K 38

    Isang napakasaklap na pangyayari ang naranasan ni Lou Sy sa araw mismo ng kaarawan nila ng kakambal niya na naging dahilan upang matuklasan niya ang pagkataong nakakubli sa lahat ng sikretong inilihim sa kaniya ng kaniyang pamilya. Sa pag pasok niya sa paaralang ito ay makikilala niya ang binatang nangangalang Drei Fr...

    Completed   Mature
    79.4K 1.5K 66

    Pagkakaibigan na walang katulad. Pagkakaibigang panghabang buhay. Magkasama sa SAYA at LUNGKOT. Walang iwanan, Nagkakaintindihan sa lahat ng bagay, sa kabaliwan, sa asaran. Sa LAHAT LAHAT. Ganyan kaming #TG4 a.k.a The Gorgeous Four ang samahan namin ay FOREVER. Forever Friendship