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  • My Love
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    [COMPLETED] Highest Ranking: #1 cricket Ayaansh Singh, captain of the Indian Cricket Team, he is like a god for the entire country, a hero for children. What happens when he saves a girl who nearly died because of her allergy? Shanaya Kapoor, a gynaecologist, she's always busy with work but when she meets Ayaansh S...

  • Chérie » S. Gill
    2.6K 124 22

    Chérie [sh•eh•ree] The French word for 'my dear' or 'sweetheart'. It's an adorable term anyone can use for someone who they are fond of, romantically or platonically. ••• "Seras-tu mon chérie?" "I'm sorry, what?" "I thought you knew French" "Yes I do and I understood that but why..?" "I don't care! I love you and I...

  • Euphoria » V.Kohli
    1.2K 104 11

    Euphoria [yo͞oˈfôrēə] a feeling or state of intense excitement and/or happiness. ••• "Hi I'm Kanika Sharma, the model you'll be working with for the ad" "I'm Virat, Virat Kohli" "It's nice to meet you" "It's nice to meet you too but you should've worn a higher pair of heels" "Excuse me?" "I was joking!" ••• "Ac...

  • Arranged » S. Iyer
    21.3K 912 21

    [20,000-30,000 words] Highest Rankings: No.1 #klrahul No.1 #shreyasiyer No.1 #cricket Aarvi Lokesh, KL Rahul's younger sister, they've been close since a young age but they also love to mess with each other. Since Rahul became a cricketer, she inherited the family business. Born into business, as people say. Shrey...

  • Lovesick » A. Sharma
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    love•sick | adjective "In love, or missing the one someone loves, so much that one is unable to act normally" -------------------------- This is a story of how a cricketer fell for a photographer, want to know how? Read the story to find out more~ (This is my first request so I'm really happy to write this and my...

  • Love Again
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    PLEASE READ THE FIRST PART TO UNDERSTAND THIS PART After many ups and downs in their life, Ayaansh and Shanaya were finally married. Shanaya is pregnant soon and then they have a daughter but what happens when Shanaya's crazy ex comes back? Being the wife of the captain of the Indian Cricket Team was a lot of pressu...

  • Melancholy » I. Kishan
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    mel•an•chol•y A feeling of extreme sadness for a long period of time, usually a type of sadness felt after losing a loved one. ••• A curious thirteen year old who lives with her dad finds a letter in his room, she gets curious and reads it, her father catches her red handed and she's in trouble. Due to the way he r...