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  • Brothers (Part 1)
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    A NANBAKA FANFIC!! Y/N - Number 33 Building 13, Cell 13 Gender: Female Age: 7 Life before Prison: Was abused by family in many ways. Crime: Got fed up and murdered most of her family. (Note: All sharp and/or pointy objects must be kept out of her line of sight.) Reason for being sent to Nanba: Has escaped from four ot...

  • Brothers (Part 2)
    14.6K 465 39

    Brothers Part 2 has finally arrived!! Now some messed up stuff is going down in building 5! IMPORTANT: There are manga spoilers from Chapter 31 and onward. More specifically, Building 5 Arc spoilers. I'd recommend reading the manga first if you haven't already. Make sure you've read this first: Brothers Part 1 - https...

  • Brothers (Part 3)
    8K 184 45

    ❗NANBAKA MANGA SPOILERS❗ (Chapters 174-190) Brothers Part 3 has finally arrived!! While roaming around the prison, Y/N uncovers some secrets that a mere inmate like herself never should have known... Make sure you've read these first: Brothers part 1 - Brothers p...

  • Brothers, I'll Be Back
    1.8K 22 17

    Surprise! Bet you weren't expecting anything like this! 8 years later, the now 15 year old Y/N has some unfinished business on the mainland to take care of before she can return to her home and family at Nanba Prison... Make sure you've read these first: Brothers part 1 -

  • Brothers (Extras)
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    I had so much fun writing my 'Brothers' Nanbaka fanfic series, I didn't want to stop. So I thought of little extras or shorts. As a reminder, I don't take requests. I just write em as I think of em. Not Out Just Yet: ⁕ Sound of Thunder ⁕ Bump in the Night ⁕ The Talk (13+) ⁕ One Special Festival ⁕ Big Sister ⁕ Birthday...