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  • 《𝙙𝙚𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚! 𝙫2》𝙃𝙓𝙃 & 𝙈𝙃𝘼 𝙘𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙨𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧
    186K 10.2K 36

    One unlucky pick, that's all it took to get Killua sent to the future. A future where the Zoldycks are no longer fearsome, a future where the power system has completely flipped, a future where he has to learn everything from scratch. "Just my luck." Is his only comment. ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵୨♡୧‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ I do not own either of thes...

  • Secrets about us... (Killua as Deku)
    12.3K 341 14

    Killua has been hiding his true identity for a while. Right now, he's known as some pushover named Izuku Midoriya. One day, Jiro and Kaminari sneak into Killua's room. They find out there was more than just All Might figures in his room. Suddenly, a kid with green spiky hair joins their class. Jiro and Kaminari recogn...

  • Where am I? (BNHA and HunterxHunter Crossover)
    6.5K 239 4

    Killua Zoldyck was having a normal relaxing day with Alluka. He was watching her associate with other kids their age. Then a flash of light appeared. Where was he? BNHA and Hunter x Hunter Crossover Disclaimer: I do not own BNHA and Hunter x Hunter characters.

  • Godspeed (MHA x HxH)
    1.1K 62 3

    After traveling the world with Alluka, Killua meets up with Gon again. While on the way to buy sweets, Killua suddenly gets teleported to the world of My Hero Academia, a world filled with quirks, heroes, and villains. The end of his previous adventure signals the start of a new one, how will he fare in this unfamilia...

  • Killua's adventure in My Hero Academia
    9.3K 315 10

    After the Chairman Election arc, Killua is teleported to My Hero Academia. To journey back to his world he'll have to survive high school, villains, heroes, dirtying his hands once more and other challenges. Killua has to return before his family exploits this opportunity and captures Alluka. Can he go back before it'...

  • killua x MHA [Discontinued]
    93 3 3

    not available at the moment

  • Killua Crossover
    573 16 4

    ⚠️⚠️READ THE LATEST CHAPTER FIRST⚠️⚠️ Killua gets teleported into MHA! Why? I don't fucking know! 🟨 Let me know if I should post this/continue🟨 I had a whole description I wrote but it didn't save so read the first thingy labelled "(000) I don't know what i'm doing" Both Anime/Manga don't belong to me! they belon...

  • Alone
    2K 103 6

    A hunter x hunter fanficton crossover (BNHA x HxH) "Kill~ Give it up already. Take that thing with you and come home" Illumis flat voice suddenly rang in between the trees. For a second I froze, but that didn't last long . I got up on my feet ready to fight Illumi. My fighting stance was poor, but I'd do anything to p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hunter x hunter x mha
    108 2 2

    A story where gon,killua,leorio,and kurapika get transported to the my hero academia universe.There,they have to get accepted into UA,make friends,become heros,and deal with some..unexpected guests. *Extra story information* No ships included. You may give suggestions,in which I will credit you for if I use.But n...

  • Variables Unaccounted For
    253 26 3

    The Hunter x Hunter universe is undoubtedly more dangerous than that of My Hero Academia, so what would happen if two of the most powerful children get stuck in a world unlike their own. What happens when they end up messing up the plans of powerful people by simply existing. And what happens when those people are dea...

  • Quirkless
    2.6K 202 4

    Killua was awoken by a hand shaking him. He grumbled, turning the other way. "Fuck off Gon...." he mumbled. "Excuse me? Sir...?" Killua froze, then snapped upright wide awake. The girl who had been shaking his shoulder jumped back with an awkward laugh, rubbing the back of her head. "sorry..." how didn't I hear her? O...

  • Remember [MHA x HXH]
    3.8K 212 12

    "I don't remember anything..." A few years after Gon and Killua had split up, things took a turn. While Gon went to his favorite spot on the island, he was attacked. When Gon woke up in an alleyway, he couldn't remember anything. As Gon continues with his new life, he starts to have flashbacks of memories from his pas...

  • The Person in the Sky ~ Crossover HxH x Bnha
    66.9K 2.5K 15

    Appearing from a sudden black phenomenon in the sky, Killua has no idea how he appeared into this strange world. " Sadate him!" " It's not working!!" Why are there so many people in ridiculous outfits claiming to be hero's? Where is Gon? Where are they trying to bring him? How did he appear here? "What's your name?" "...

  • Lost (hxh and bnha crossover) DISCONTINUED
    1.1K 50 8

    Gon and Killua were supposed to leave greed island to find Ging when things turn around and they have no choice but to go with their gut. How are they going to flip things back to normal? Are they ever going home? Will Their adventure into a new world change things forever? Guess we will have to find out! Hey! Im re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Huh? Another Universe?! - MHA x HxH Crossover
    32.7K 1.2K 8

    Gon and Killua have just finished clearing the game Greed Island, and they were on their way to finding Ging. But then a weird purple portal appeared in front of them, and they got pulled inside of it! They came out into a world where people are born with powers that are called "quirks". What will the two hunters do n...

  • A Hunters Hero
    14.6K 392 14

    what happens when a 14 year old boy gets randomly teleported to a strange new world, and separated from his friends, in a world where almost everyone has a power, and where his old ideas don't fit in with societies ideas, where he is abnormal and draws alot of attention, what will he do in the chaos of this world, how...

  • unfamiliar [hxh and bnha crossover]
    5K 208 8

    'Killua glared at him. "We know what YorkNew is. What the fuck is 'New York' ? Is that like some copycat version of YorkNew?" Aizawa was done, so fucking done, with these children. As soon as he got home, he was going to pound a redbull and promptly pass out on the floor. "I meant New York." Gon smiled at him. "Y...

  • Suddenly Quirkless
    30.8K 1.3K 12

    The world is not black and white. It is not grey, nor is it anywhere close to monochrome. The world was made of rainbows. Beautiful, terrifying rainbows. Killua Zoldyck knew these things, even if he hadn't, at first. And yet, even as he knew these things, he still managed to see his life through the bleak eyes of one...

  • The world beyond ours. (AN BNHA X HXH FANFICTION)
    1.7K 75 8

    After the departure of our friend, Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika Kurta, Leorio Paradinight and Alluka Zoldyck, return together to fight a very powerful Nen user after a year of being apart. Using Alluka's ability as a escape at the last moment, Killua make a wish to teleport to another world. When they arrive...

  • Do I Know You?
    7.6K 523 10

    "I'm sorry, do I know you?" Killua said. Gon blinked in confusion. "Yes? it's me? Gon? your best friend?" Killua squinted a little, then shrugged. "Doesn't ring any bells"

  • My Hero Hunter (Hunter x Hunter/Bnha crossover
    188K 5.6K 32

    Gon and Killua got transported into another world,where instead of hunters their were heros. Both boys need to find a way back home but they don't know how until they stumbled across U.A Academy's hero course. In hopes of using their connections,but what happens when everything they need is in someone else hands? Gon...

  • Revolution (HXH x MHA)
    29.2K 1.1K 18

    Killua got transported to My Hero Academia, but didn't get the chance to be a hero. The real world is not a place where Heros or Villains exist. It's a world full of sadness and unfairness, the people just decide how they handle with it. That's what Killua does. Hope you enjoy this fanfic!(: WARNING: Bad written st...

  • "My Past..." []HxH x MHA[]
    7.1K 200 9

    "Two years.... It's been two full year since me and Killua spilt up. I miss him so much. Though it was annoying how he would always eat all the sweets, it was also really funny. I hope I get to see him again...." Izuku had walked into the currently empty class room and had been writing in his jorunal when the a few...

  • hxh mha crossover
    403 7 5

    while kirua finds himself in the world of mha as bakugo brother, may, gon's sister becomes the sister of izuku midoriya, how will they deal with the world and how they find a way to return to their world I DON'T OWN HXH OR MHA OR NNT Sorry for some writers of crossovers like that might be copying some of the moment...

  • mission kill ua || bnha x hxh crossover
    100K 2.3K 12

    two young boys are on a mission they didn't even know they were on. -- WARNINGS: HXH BHNA CROSSOVER KILLUA CENTRIC

  • Hunter x Hero
    15.2K 684 12

    hunter x hunter x my hero academia 😌

  • Izuku Zoldyck
    90.4K 3.4K 15

    (HxH and BNHA crossover) What if Izuku is a Zoldyck? A mysterious event happened on Kukuroo mountain. This made the Zoldycks live over the years. After a century, sure as hell that their ideals have changed as the laws and beliefs have changed. Over time, quirks appeared. And thanks to the existence of quirks, Izuku Z...

  • Hunting X Villains X Heroes (MHA X HXH)
    32.7K 1.2K 11

    [ON HIATUS] "This job is kind of shady, don't ya think Gon?" "Yeah...Why do we have to hunt down humans this time?" "...I don't know." Gon and Killua are given a job to hunt a villain called All For One. However, they must transfer to Musutafu, specifically, to a school called UA High...will they succeed in their hero...

  • You Can Fly Away (MHA HxH Crossover)
    72.6K 2.6K 35

    What is the one thing you want to do most in this world? For Gon, it's spending time with his no-longer-absentee father, Ging. This time is cut short when Gon inexplicably finds himself in the My Hero Academia universe. If only he knew his best friend Killua (and Alluka) had been brought there too. When Killua is forc...

  • //Blink //(HxH xbnha crossover)
    775K 39.4K 86

    "You haven't been searching have you?" he asked ,eyes cold and steely. "A-actually, I-I didn-" the man in front of him tried to meekly deny. "I have been cooperating with you so far, I have been keeping my end of the bargain." he started, his fingernails instinctively sharpening," But if you are just toying with me th...