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  • A Better Hero
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    Haven't come up with a summary yet And please help me come up with a good title

  • COTE Reacts To Kiyotaka Of Class B
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    This is another one of those reaction fics but there is going to be one thing different ,this fic going to be a reaction fic for the fanfic written by @GiKaRa_ I would appreciate it if you guys go and check it out ,because it is one of the best KiyoxHonami Fics So I am pretty sure that Honami simps will like it

  • Reincarnated as Riser with a System (Being Rewritten)
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    Y/N died and got reincarnated as a stepping stone for the protagonist. Follow his adventures as he tries to change his destiny and make life a living hell for a certain pervert. Will he be able to change his fate in this familiar yet unfamiliar world? I do not own High School DxD (There will be occasional cursing and...