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  • Spider-Man one-shots
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    Originally Spider-Man and Loki one-shot. Now it's just a Spider-Man one-shot book.

  • Avengers Oneshot's
    36.7K 882 24

    Exactly as the title says. Mostly Peter Parker/Spider-Man centric but other Avengers will also have some one shots. Will feature field trips, IronDad, SpiderSon, Fluff, Angst and everything in between. Also Peter's class will be making a lot of appearances. Requests are open. I'll try to update as much as I can.

  • Spiderman Oneshots
    313K 12.7K 141

    Will include: ✨identity reveals✨ ✨soulmates✨ ✨AUs✨ ✨texting✨ ✨fluff✨ ✨fix-it's✨ ✨General Shenanigans✨ ✨requests✨ Please leave a request at any time, vote, comment and don't forget to enjoy!

  • Rewriting The Way This Story Ends [IM1]
    83.5K 2K 19

    An Avengers watch the MCU fic. Will be Tony Stark centric. The OG 6 and Bucky, Sam, Wanda, Vision and Rhodey are also included. Can the Avengers watch and learn from their mistakes to protect their earth and in turn the universe from a madman? Read to find out. Set after Civil War and Homecoming but before Infinity Wa...

  • Worthy | Peter Parker
    159K 3.9K 59

    "Uh, kid, you have three seconds to get away from my daughter." "Sorry Mr. Stark, I had a bad dream and Dani was awake-" "No, I wasn't." "And she helped me fall back asleep-" "No, I held you while you cried." "And we just fell asleep. Nothing happened." "He's right with that part." (Peter Parker x OC) Storyline start...

  • 5 Times Peter Fell, and Tony caught him. And the 1 Time Tony didn't.
    67.9K 2.7K 6

    Peter has a nasty habit of falling. And Tony, bless him, will catch him every. single. time. Until the day he can't.

  • Give him back to me, or so help me god
    70.9K 2.7K 10

    ...aka that time Ross took Tony's Spidy-son, and Tony was 39237234% not okay with it. *Kudos to the artist Sami Pray for the cover-work