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  • Harry Potter in the Hunger Games
    81 5 4

    Harry Potter characters are in the hunger games. They were born and raised in the districts and they are not wizards. Voldemort is not a thing.

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 6
    106K 4.1K 18

    Book 6 of When Myths Meet Magic. The reign of the cruel pink toad is over, but not all is well. Sirius is dead. Harry blames Percy, Percy blames himself. Friendships are tested, rivalries are broken, and differences are made permanent. Bitterness is what started the rift, and it seems there's no way to mend it. Fand...

  • Another World Out There | Percy Jackson x Harry Potter
    30.3K 674 25

    Percy Jackson is not even eighteen yet and has already gone through two wars, the second of which war took a massive toll on the boy as he lost the 6 most important people in his life including his beautiful girlfriend and feisty cousin, he didn't just lose those seven people all around camp people were grieving but P...

  • A Hero's Fate: A Percy JacksonxAvengers Story
    33.4K 1K 40

    The Giant War is over. All of the Seven except Percy were killed in the battle. Now Percy just wants to relax but when he goes back his mortal family is dead too. Also the Avengers are on the hunt for him. Surprising new revelations are in store for everybody be it demigod or mortal. Once again a new threat is rising...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 1 || a Harry Potter-Percy Jackson crossover
    1.1M 35.9K 23

    When Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia get assigned a quest to protect Harry Potter, they never expected it to be back in time and in a whole different world: a world of magic. In Hogwarts, no one suspects a thing. But what happens when three young wizards find out the truth? Fandom time period: Takes place after the...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 2
    607K 22.3K 30

    Book 2 of When Myths meet Magic. Four more demigods join Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia at Hogwarts, which you would think is enough pain in itself. But when a cat turns up mysteriously petrified and Harry is revealed to be a Parselmouth, things get even more complex. Fandom time period: Takes place after The Blo...

  • When Myths meet Magic || 3
    415K 15.2K 26

    Book 3 of When Myths meet Magic. It's Harry's third year when the wanted wizard Sirius Black escapes from Azkaban. How will the third year of magic change when the children of the gods are present? Fandom Time Period: Takes place after the Blood of Olympus and during the Prisoner of Azkaban. DISCLAIMER: I own NOTHI...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 4
    358K 14.3K 30

    Book 4 of When Myths Meet Magic. The triwizard tournament. A tournament that consists of three schools, three representative sorcerers, and three life-threatening courses. Just your normal competitive wizard tournament... right? Fandom Time Period: Takes place during The Goblet of Fire but after Blood of Olympus DIS...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 5
    479K 19.7K 49

    Book 5 of When Myths Meet Magic. Harry has a problem. Several, actually. One of them is his social life, one of them is shaped like a toad, and one of them is missing a nose. Not to mention the old headmaster giving him the silent treatment. Ron and Hermione aren't the only ones there to keep Harry's spirits up, but t...

  • Crumble | Percy Jackson x Avengers
    246K 4.8K 24

    Percy Jackson has been through a lot, two wars and he was barely eighteen both wars took their toll on the young hero but the war with Gaia was especially tolling for the demigod. As all of the seven except Percy tragically loosing their lives So with grief heavy in Percy's heart he asks to cut ties with all Gods ...