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  • Professional Trainer/Master/Daddy?
    453K 14.8K 32

    Toby is a new classification, he's a mix of neko and little. He's the first of his kind, no body is sure how to deal with the kitten. Elijah was the professional they called in for help, he didn't know what's he's walking into. Watch them grow while their worlds collides. Can be read as sequel to "Professional mommy"...

  • I Don't Want to Be Little
    273K 8K 28

    Alex doesn't know what to do anymore. He thought that if he stopped being little, all the fear would go away. But it did the opposite, and just made him more stressed. It was part of him, but a part of him he tried to reject thoroughly. Perhaps he just hasn't met the right person to help draw him out of his shell. ~...

  • Age play school for males (L.S)
    218K 4.1K 61

    Louis is a rebellious teen who is known for his sass and disobedience. Louis mum has finally had enough of her son's attitude so she sends him to a boarding school. His mum obviously knows what the school is about. Right? First few chapters credit to: @_Just_Elli_

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Louis
    472K 11.3K 24

    Louis has a past full of saddness and abuse. He's classified a "little" but has been taught not to regress. Harry and Edward are carers, they've been looking for a 'little' for over a year. When edward finds louis, he and Harry both decide they want Louis as theirs. Louis has known nothing but abuse his whole life., h...

  • The Couple's Little Kitten MxMxB(DISCONTINUED)
    129K 2.9K 22

    Nolan Springs is a homeless 18 years old. He was abandoned by his parents at the age of 5 and found by an orphanage. He was constantly abused in the orphanage but when the caregivers were found out and arrested, Nolan took the chance of that faithful day and ran away at the age of 7. Now he was alone until he met 2 ma...

  • Daddy's Boy
    1.3M 43.9K 41

    Brendan didn't set out to find a "Daddy" nor did Edmund think Brendan would be his perfect "little boy," sometimes fate and love just find a way.... #70 in lgbt guys I'm screaming!! I LOVE YOU

  • Daddy's Favorite (ManxBoy)
    1.6M 55.9K 39

    Aiden Walker isn't looking for a sub. But what happens when his pizza delivery boy is too delicious to pass up? Deleted at +1 million reads...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Mafia Daddies
    645K 15.1K 101

    Vincent and I stared down at the pathetic old man begging for his life. My cold eyes stared back at his pleading ones. I should just kill him I thought. It doesn't look like he has enough time anyway. " I'm begging you p-please don't do t-this" The old man screamed. I rolled my eyes and huff like geez calm down I didn...

  • The Bet (DDlb book)
    1M 24.8K 24

    Mr. Davenport has an unhealthy obsession with gambling. When he begins to lose big, he bets on something he never thought he would consider betting on; his son. Poor Luke has no idea what is in store for him when his dad loses big and is forced to live with Steve Cooper, CEO of the largest insurance company in the wor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddies Wolf
    1.2M 31.7K 33

    Wolves are either dominant or submissive. One can't live without the other your wolf will go crazy and go feral, you'll end up killing someone or killing yourself. Olliver I grew up a human, i had a future waiting for me. Until i changed and became a wolf, i never asked to become one. Everything changed my school, li...

  • Vampire's wolf pup (old version)
    712K 14.5K 39

    [NO LONGER UPDATING] In this fantasy world. Vampires rule. The upper-class species. Werewolves...not so much. They are more as seen as low lives. Pets. To most, they hold little to no value. Raven is a 17-year-old werewolf who's struggling to live and just close to giving up. Grey and Elliot want a baby boy someone...

  • Needed [DDLB]
    903K 24.7K 41

    ** WARNING: This is getting re-written as of September of 2020. Far overdue... ** It's 2057 and the world is everything but the same as it was. The world we had known is long forgotten now, the supernatural has taken over almost completely and unnatural recurrences are now natural as air. The states / countries / et...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafias Little Boy (Season 2)
    342K 9.3K 75

    When does Finley finally accept his fate? (If you haven't read Season One I suggest you do!) #ageregression #nonsexual

    Completed   Mature
  • Cooper's New Little Life
    115K 2.2K 17

    Book 2 This is the sequel to "Forced to be Their Baby Boy" Cooper's story continues with his Daddies Brent and Colin as well as his new daddies Chase and Chris. Cooper loves his little life and can't wait to make memories and have new adventures with his daddies on their private island. Find out if Cooper ever makes...

  • Forced to Be Their Baby Boy
    820K 14.1K 31

    Cooper is 18 years old and just graduated high school. He works at a local cafe as a waiter and plans to start online classes in the fall if he can save enough money. He currently still lives with his parents for free, since they supposedly want him to go to school and eventually get a good job. Little does he know th...

  • Mafias Little Boy (Season 1)
    1.2M 26.9K 80

    When 15 year old Finley Johnson gets stalked and kidnapped by one of the worlds most feared Mafia men and turned into his "little boy" will he accept his fate or fight for his free will. #ageregression #nonsexual

    Completed   Mature
  • Ace of Spades (BxB)
    94.7K 2.2K 28

    [This is an original story] Ace Phillips is a troublesome boy wandering the streets. After being on his own for years he encounters Mason Swann, a kind caregiver who offers Ace a place to stay. After a scene caused by Ace, Mason teaches him how to use little space as a way to help heal his inner child and mental state...

  • Their baby boy
    480K 15.2K 18

    Iris Kanely was born when the vampires and werewolves took over the world. Iris lived with his parents who were abusive and drug addicts. Iris never had a childhood growing up. His old patched up teddy bear was burned by his 'mother' when he was seven because she felt like he should stop acting like a kid and do somet...

    Completed   Mature
  • The mafias favorite boy
    33.4K 726 34

    I'm sorry not very good at descriptions/ also first book please leave advice but don't be mean about it/ the story is heavily inspired by @karazou Max is a young student at a med school who left his home due to the abuse of his father after his mother passed and who became an alcoholic who left max to fend for himself...

    Completed   Mature