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  • Eclipse
    16.7K 571 42

    i made this as a joke but bro I don't think it's a joke anymore...its a SundropxMoondrop

    Completed   Mature
  • Moondrop x Sundrop
    95.7K 2.1K 40

    Sun has always been told to stay inside his tower and lock the door during nap time, he never knew why he had to. Little did he knew, that he was being watched all the time without knowing. Until he met him, appearing from the darkness of the daycare. Who know what will happen to him now that he has met this mysteriou...

  • sundrop x moondrop
    60.7K 864 51

    sun and moon are separated in this story so they can do what they like (crying for the 5th time my hand FUCKING hurts 😿)

  • Sundrop x Moondrop SMUT/FLUFF/ANGST
    17.3K 194 6

    I will be taking suggestions but a warning ⚠ SMUT ⚠ if you don't like don't interact but there will also be fluff and angst so leave some ideas in the comments if you want me to write them and i have a special idea sooo (its smut/fluff whatever you choose)