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  • Zelink Oneshots (The Legend Of Zelda)
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    A collection of oneshots! The first part will detail them because I can't fit them all in here anymore. Enjoy~ I've been getting more and more annoyed, so I'll say it here in the descriptions. Please don't swear in my comment section. If you do, I'll delete it. Hate speech, swearing, and inappropriate comments will a...

  • Falling Worlds; Zelink, Modern Magic AU (The Legend Of Zelda)
    91.3K 5.7K 54

    Hyrule; a story world above the clouds. Starfall; the surface world that doesn't believe in floating islands. Legends of cities in the sky roll across the lands, but no one really believes in them. Only Kaebora, a middle-aged theoretical scientist, and his daughter Zelda openly proclaim that they believe in places s...

  • How A Princess Fights.
    36.3K 1.4K 62

    When Zelda is forced to marry a tyrant that would bring her country to ruin, she lashes out at her new husband. The new King plots against her so he can have the kingdom and the Triforce for himself but Zelda has many friends in Hyrule. She must leave Hyrule Castle, her home, with no one but a knight at her side. She...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Princess and the Wolf
    68.7K 2.2K 28

    If a princess kisses a frog; the frog will turn into a prince. But what happens if a hero falls in love with a princess? (I do not own the cover picture(s), all credit to the artist!!) :D

  • Game Changer: Book I (A Zelink Fanfiction)
    107K 2.9K 52

    Eighteen-year-old Zelda enrolls at a new school, Brawl Academy, to finish out her senior year of high school. She encounters a quiet and reserved student named Link who she takes a liking to instantly. With Link and her new friends, Samus, Palutena, Lucina, etc. Zelda is able to find her true self and the secret behin...

  • Silence ✔️
    83.7K 3K 31

    Zelda Harkinian is a girl with impaired hearing and has been bullied mercilessly for it her entire life. Years later, one of her former tormentors, Link Forrester, sets out to make amends, in hopes of earning her forgiveness and help with the new problems he now faces. •• The Legend of Zelda and its characters belong...

  • Riptide (Zelink|Modern AU)
    43.4K 1.1K 25

    Link is a ranch hand from Ordon who yearns for a life of adventure. With a suitcase and a guitar, Link moves to Castle Town. He had no idea he would spend his first night in Hyrule stuck in a dumpster. Zelda is the Crown Princess of Hyrule who wants nothing more than to help her people the best she can. She has never...

  • Raising the Stakes; Zelink Coffee Shop AU (The Legend Of Zelda)
    245K 8.4K 62

    Zelda, the governor's daughter, is an aspiring author who can only write in coffee shops. Forced by her father to move away from Central, and her beloved coffee shop, she must find a replacement. She finds this in "Hyrule Coffee," owned by a kind young man her own age. When he proposes a deal to her, how will it cha...

  • A Princess's Problem.
    245K 3.6K 115

    Follow Link and Zelda's struggle to unlock her powers and help her father look after the kingdom of Hyrule. But what will happen when they are alone? Link and Zelda will have a rocky start but eventually, Zelda warms up to him and they journey through Hyrule together. They will face creatures such as Dodongos. It will...

  • Unforeseen Birthright - A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
    33.3K 768 23

    Link is an ordinary teenager who blends into the background. His life is very mundane until he meets a girl with a familiar stare. The girl that goes by the name Zelda, starts attending his school and sticks to him like glue. Questioning why, Link finds the answer on a night that changes his life forever. **This is a...

  • My Reality - A Modern Zelink Fanfiction
    79.8K 1.5K 21

    Zelda, a 17 year old high school girl that has it all. Looks, intelligence, popularity, riches and glories. But one thing was missing, having an empty void in her heart. On one typical day, an unusual boy named Link shows up in her life and turns her world around. **This is a Link x Zelda story **Modern AU

  • Love-Hate [COMPLETE]
    78.6K 2.5K 36

    Unpopular Zelda was a girl in the shadows. Popular Link was always leading the crowd. They were nothing alike; polar opposites. These two never really knew about each other, until one change of fate has brought them together, and taught them that they had more in common than they had ever thought. { Partly- Modern Zel...

  • Sugar and Spice- A Modern Zelink AU
    2.8K 45 8

    20 year old Zelda has finally saved up enough rupees to buy her own bookstore. When she arrives, she sees a quaint bakery next door. When she decides to try the bakery out, she meets a young man named Link who runs the bakery. Next door neighbors with equally fiery personalities. And secret crushes. What could possib...

  • Couple of the Wild (ZeLink)
    248K 6K 128

    The Calamity Ganon no longer plagues the land of Hyrule, at least, not that the hero, Link, or the princess, Zelda, are aware of. After defeating the Calamity, our heroes consult with Impa, who informs them that due to the small population, the prospect of rebuilding an entire kingdom is simply unfeasible. Opting to...

  • Never Without You │ BOTW modern AU fanfic
    110K 3.5K 27

    A relationship between an internationally praised athlete and a straight A student who hates any kind of attention is bound to go wrong. But these two college students don't care about the odds. While Link works hard on recovering from a traumatic injury, Zelda is trying her best to juggle the school's expectations...

  • Breath of the Wild College AU fanfic │Thinking About You
    668K 17.5K 100

    Link is the star athlete of Hyrule University and Zelda an exceptional scholar. They should be focusing on school and sports, but they keep getting distracted by each other. This fanfic includes characters from the Zelda franchise, but mainly from botw and aoc.