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  • Tied to you | ZELINK AU
    4.1K 78 24

    "There is always a constant tightness on your pinky finger or thumb, it doesn't ever go away or loosen... That is, until you're near your soulmate." A zelink soulmate and college au. Semi apocalyptic? I just came up with this so if anyone else has done it... I don't know. Also I'm winging it. DISCLAIMER: There will...

  • New Horizons - A Skyward Sword Aftermath Story
    5.2K 116 26

    Coming to her in a dream one night, the Goddess entrusts Zelda with the duty of restoring the Surface, and seeking out the three new mysterious tribes that have settled there, known as the "dwellers of the Sea, Sand and Rock". With the help of Link, her people, and a bunch of new faces, the spirit maiden works hard t...

  • Role Playing Princess
    2.7K 65 6

    It's kid Link's first time at guard duty outside the Princess's room when he hears strange noises coming from within,... only to discover the Princess playing pretend in an entirely new world she created in her loneliness. He's not supposed too... but Link soon joins her in her make-believe adventures in the role of t...

  • Hyrule Academy: A Zelink Story
    5.6K 81 24

    18 year old Zelda's hard work finally pays off when she is accepted into Hyrule Academy, the private school where only the best are allowed to attend. Everything seems to be perfect until she meets an athlete, Link, who everyone is willing to die for in a heartbeat, and suddenly problems begin to follow her around. Ev...

  • Love Is Blind. (Discontinued)
    6.9K 310 17

    Stuck in her castle, Zelda wants to be free to explore the world. She knows it is dangerous, at least that's all she was ever told, but she wants to be like every other girl. She knows that will never be possible now but there is always hope. So when she meets Link, an aspiring Knight, she listens to his stories and f...

  • The Sword's Shadow - A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
    72.9K 1.8K 23

    Love. Bloodshed. Sacrifice. Link is an mysterious assassin. By the orders of his master, he spills the blood of whoever he is assigned to kill. One day, his master assigns him to kill a certain princess. Thinking it would be an easy mission like any other, he thought wrong. **This is a Link x Zelda story **Assassin AU...

  • Security.
    1.3K 86 9

    Modern AU wherein Zelda is the President of Hyrule and Link is head of her security force. *** During a tense year of unrest in Hyrule, Zelda finds herself faced with a problem; a problem in the shape of a renegade group of radicals which have been brainwashed into following Ganon, her political opponent and wannabe r...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Final Hero (Zelda AU) (Complete)
    1.1K 60 29

    Zelda Hyrule is a girl with a terrible father but she has a few friends who make everything better until a mysterious organization kidnaps two of her friends. Can she learn to accept her feelings and save her friends? (I do not own the cover art or Loz)

  • if i die tomorrow - permanent hiatus
    6.8K 406 72

    "If I die tomorrow, will you miss... me...?" Hyrule was doomed. --Cover art not mine.--