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  • Ashaangi Magic- One shots
    17.1K 1.4K 10

    One shots of Ashaangi 💜❄💫. I hope u will enjoy ☄️💫✨

  • Purple Magic - One shots ✨💜
    4.4K 658 3

    My One shots 🤩💜

    90.1K 11.1K 34

    Ashaangi fan-fiction ( Tanglish ) Dark marriage between Rohit and Diya!! Let's see how their life changes after their marriage!! Started : 29 July'22 Ending :

  • His Angel in Disguise
    345K 69.8K 105

    He was not arrogant yet she felt him the boss of arrogance. She was not beautiful but he was always attracted to her. The harder he tried to get away from her, she was close to him. Was it love or lust ? Was it Destiny or him that brought her to him. Her love was in silence and his unrealized love was feisty. The wa...

  • Mystery Around Me 2 (COMPLETED)
    139K 27.5K 102

    continuation of mystery around me....1-194 chapters in previous book..... now it's continuation from 195.... same characters... i dont know that Wattpad allow only 200 parts in each book so I didn't planned according to that and i don't want to stop this story in middle so i am going to continue here.... please if yo...

  • Piriymanavanae
    128K 22.5K 67

    It's just a imagination story of two individuals one is star in cinema industry he is king in Kollywood.... where as other one is just innocent.... for her he only his saftest place.. for him she is just a pure soul... let's see their journey..... How they tied with unexpected circumstances....

  • Love Is Madness
    63.5K 5.9K 32

    Everyone knows him as a monster...a heartless , ruthless business man.... Is he really a monster or a fallen Angel She is a butterfly spreading its beautiful hues..... Lives in a fairy tale.... Is she the most delicate person or the strongest soul....

    168K 10.5K 40

    #1 on Romancefanfiction out of 26.6k stories on 15th May 2022 I tried something new 🥰😁 Hope you all like and support the shots💜 This is going to be set of short stories about my favourites pairs.... Most importantly sometimes I will write some other oneshots series for other actors (hindi) please beare with...

    59.2K 10.5K 30

    Maran and Maya, two independent individuals hate each other out of their family background but destiny has some other plans by bringing them together in the way where they had to be a part of their day to day life. And the journey of them from that point is Ennulle ❤️

  • Unakkul Naan Enakkul Ne
    68.1K 8.1K 45

    This story is an imaginary one and a fan fiction not to hurt anyone. This story is played by our ashangi Our hero is a charming playboy and a funloving person. Our heroine is an innocent and a jollytype and she had some dreams also. This both got married uninterestedly. The story is full of before and after their m...

  • En Athai Ponnu💜
    81.8K 12.2K 40

    Sivaangi, Athai ponnu of Ashwin. Ashwin Hates her to core! But Sivaangi loves him to core! What will happen if they happen to meet after years?

  • Meendum Oru Kadhal Kadhai (There is love after love failure)
    107K 21.3K 41

    The Love Story of Aarav & Kanmani There is love after love failure!There is life after love!❤️ Aarav Shanthan, A calm and composed man is a Widower who lost his wife and currently living with his little bundle of joy Aayushi!!He owns a Cafe and his only world is his Daughter!Lost his interest in love once his wife die...

  • My Caretaker 💜
    261K 44.3K 106

    When two broken 💔 hearts cross there way each other and fall in love..❤️ Warning: Story contain more romance and dominance.If you are uncomfortable kindly skip reading.🤗

  • MAAYA KANAVUGAL♥️ [Completed]
    128K 18.1K 65

    This is a romcom ashaangi fanfic. Synopsis of the story : Arjun is a young handsome guy who strongly believes in destined love after reading a book. He comes back to his estranged family in his native place to attend a wedding. There he falls for Vaidehi, his cousin. He believes her to be his destined love. Read this...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ashaangi Oneshots
    78.6K 11.5K 28

    Random Shots (ft.Ashaangi)

  • Arranged marriage to my crush (completed)
    292K 13.9K 38

    An Ashangi ff♥

    Completed   Mature
  • galatta kalyanam (Completed 😍)
    21K 1.5K 46

    A love between relationship

    8.3K 1K 29

    MAGICAL BLOSSOMS - மாயங்கள் மலர்ந்த நாட்கள் (MAAYANGAL MALARNTHA NAATKAL) This book contains the birth date of Ashwin and Sivaangi (Ashaangi) fanfiction's writers and readers by tagging their Wattpad username. Published every individual's birth date with their permission only. Can't mistake the Writer of this book if...

  • Mr.Beast in love
    305K 45.6K 110

    hi guyys This is my first story It's purely fictional Hope u guys give ur love and support

    97.4K 5.3K 36

    This is a story of an ambivert boy who unexpectedly fell in love with a girl 💕

    Completed   Mature
  • Marriage Uh Made In Heaven nu Yaaru Sonna?
    195K 24.9K 52

    A Rom-Com story of a Tom & Jerry Couple! What if a Tom and Jerry couple get married and realised they love eachother when they are going to move away? That's what exactly happened in Vishwa & Keerthi's life! Vishwanath Lakshmikandhan,a man of joy and A dentist.Loves his family and had a great respect on his Father.He...

  • Prime Minister and I
    1.2M 144K 159

    #1 in Romancefanfiction out of 22k stories #1 in Romedy #1 in Ashwin #1 in Ashwinkumar #1 in Ashwinsivaangi #1 in Ashaangi #1 in Tanglish Thank you makkale...💜💜💜 Hello makkale.... yet another Ashaangi FF... What do I do.. I love them more... okay kadhaikulla povom... Aditya is a royal, rich, handsome, decisive and...

  • DESTINED TO BE YOURS - An AshAangi Fanfiction ✅
    137K 13.4K 91

    Ashwin a introvert guy... Became a loner after his first love 💖"KANMANI"💖. He was completely shattered after kanmani's death, his world became blur. His happiness and smiles were snatched by god. His lonely feel and insecurities were broken by the magical angel 💖"SIVAANGI"💖. He felt his love for her, He felt Magi...

  • En Maama😍{✔✔}
    156K 20.9K 45

    Story of two beautiful souls.. Sivaangi loves Ashwin (her athai paiyyan).. but our ashwin hate her to the core because of her extrovert nature and care.. Will he realise her unconditional love for him ?? Lets witness their journey.....

  • mystery around me
    370K 49.7K 200

    Just an imagination story .... it's a story about two persons who are complete opposite to each other... as newtons law opposite attract each other will apply them also... let's see how their life changes because of one unexpected incident... lets get into the story.... this is my first story... I don't know how to wr...

  • You Own My Heart ( Completed )
    453K 48.5K 90

    Love is always a magic when it blooms between the souls who are born for together. Two souls Aryan Chaitanya and Sanjana Krishnan fall in love with each other. Neither them nor the nature could keep them away from each other when they are bound by soul. Even the hate could only make them love each other unconditional...

    Completed   Mature
  • Valandukettavan weds kuttachi
    128K 16K 78

    Sivaangi/Sana's few precious moments of her life were changed upside down due to fate. Is it an advantage or disadvantage ? Ashwin/Arjun thought to lead a happy and peaceful life with his dream crush. But an accident caused him some loses. How will he overcome it ? Will he be able to retrieve the losses again ? The s...

  • Bodyguard of the Heiress
    427K 35.4K 82

    ELEMENTS OF LOVE series - BOOK 2 (Trust and Intimacy) - Symbolising Element of Nature - Earth Thooriga Losing my parents in front of my eyes in a fatal accident was my worst fate and being sent away to a highly scrutinized residential school immediately after it was even worse. Far from my extended family, away from...

  • My Innocent PA (Completed)
    773K 109K 146

    He never wanted to love her as he knew that he could only hurt her with his love but he had no idea that one day he will be the healer to her broken soul and the knight in shining armour. She never wanted to fall for him but little did she knew that she will turn to be the only living reason for him. " A person often...

    Completed   Mature
  • The CM's PA
    471K 63.3K 102

    An Ashaangi FF 💜