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  • Rebecca-Jade's Writer Room
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    In this stunning how-to guide, Wattpad star Rebecca-Jade will guide you through your journey to success by teaching you how to: ✨Turn your passion for writing into a successful business. ✨Maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst writing. ✨Practice daily self-love techniques. ✨Write with anxiety. Are you ready to become the...

  • Amelie's Writer Room
    2.4K 98 6

    A behind the scenes look at sneak peeks for upcoming projects, interviews with some of my favorite characters, writing tips, and Q&A sessions! Come on in!

  • Stephanie Rose's Writer Room - It's Not All Roses
    710 29 9

    ♥ A Writer's Journal ♥ Where readers can get to know me, Stephanie Rose, through my writing processes, my multiple projects, and my passing thoughts. Where I answer questions -- those asked by my readers or myself -- and share behind-the-scenes info on my characters, story ideas, aesthetic choices. Where I share my p...

  • a Deafening Silence's Writer Room
    1.8K 73 8

    Get to know me! Find out my thoughts, feelings and what could have been's! Exclusive look to behind the scenes of me, Heather, aka Deafening Silence!

  • ReAnne Kennedy's Writer Room
    1.2K 62 9

    Welcome to my Writer Room!

  • OwlieCat's Writer Room
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    Want to know more about me and my writing? Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into my 'Writing Room!' → writing tips and advice → a peek into my writing process → bonus content from my books → character dossiers → previews of upcoming books → and more! ♡ This is a paid book with two free chapters. Unlock additio...

  • Wendizzy's Writer Room
    379 7 2

    In this book, you'll get a behind the scenes look at how your favorite characters were born, my creative process, and the dirty details never before revealed. Tex's Camp Q&A: Come sit by the fire and ask me whatever you'd like. We can roast marshmallows, tell scary stories, and hang out in the comments like a big, ha...

  • Writer Room
    5.8K 282 7

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at my writing process, craft tips, publishing advice, sneak peeks at new books, and discussions about everything from mafia movies to dogs!

  • iamRodneyVSmith's Writer's Room
    221 30 9

    A mysterious writer from the Great Northern Wasteland known only as Toronto, invites you to share his journey into writing. A look at the writing process, deleted chapters, covers and unseen artwork, a look at how to build a social media campaign... this is a no procrastination zone (ha!), a journey into sound (great...

  • Brittanie's Writer Room
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    A place for all things Brittanie!

  • CayleighKennedy's Writer Room
    2K 124 9

    Welcome to the Writer Room! Looking for exclusive content, deleted scenes, or want to see how my stories and worlds come to be? Well, you're in the right place! Here you'll find both unlockable and free content which shows you just a bit of all the behind-the-scenes magic for my writing. Find a couch, grab a tea, and...

  • druidrose's Writer Room
    668 38 9

    Get a behind-the-pages look at my writing process, see what has inspired me to write my stories, read deleted scenes, and get exclusive special sneak peeks at what's to come!

  • Vee's Writer Room
    3K 95 6

    A "behind the scenes" look at my writing process, how I come up with ideas and what inspires me to write them, ways to tackle writer's block, and some Q&A!

  • Philline's Writer Room
    1.5K 65 5

    A book where I share writing tips (including templates you can use to craft your own stories), give sneak peeks and post background info about my novels! It's a fun time!

  • Writer's Room: Nicole Knight
    3.1K 76 8

    Welcome to your source for all the inside information about my characters, books, and everything that it takes to make their stories come to life! Ever have questions about how characters were created or why they make certain choices? Wonder about the writing process and what goes into a story? You'll find all of tha...

  • Hubrism's Writer Room
    1.3K 55 5

    Want to see more behind the scenes content about my stories? Need Wattys tips? Looking for hot, piping tea about how to be successful on Wattpad? Then you're in the right place ;) Cover illustration by @weirdoplaces