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  • City of Chicago High (Divergent)
    112K 2.6K 77

    It is Tris Prior's senior year. She has awesome friends and is really good writer. But what happens when her best friend, Four, asks her out? Will the rumors of the quarterback being very popular in the world of one night stands destroy them? Or when the writer dates a friend's brother? This story is completed but is...

  • Life Must Go On: Divergent High sequel
    1.3M 29.1K 36

    I am Tris Prior. I got pregnant at 17 and ran away. Why? Maybe out of fear. The father of my baby, the love of my life is now a worldwide superstar. What happens if one day I run into him? Let's just say my world will never be the same again. This is a sequel to Divergent High. You don't have to read it to read this...

  • Divergent High School
    641K 16.4K 34

    Just your typical Divergent High School story in present day time. The main characters from Divergent will be going through high school!

  • Divergent High
    682K 19K 71

    After being in Dauntless for a little while, Tris and Four are friends, but have an awkward relationship. They both have feelings for each other but can't find words to express it. Will their love for each other find itself? Or will things never be the same? I want to give creds to the amazing author Veronica Roth...

  • Divergent University
    2.2M 47.3K 95

    Tris's life as a singer and actress is over. It's back to Chicago to start college. Meeting her friends will be fun but what about the only love of her life?

  • Divergent High
    685K 16.3K 82

    Just your typical Divergent High story... or is it?? Check out my other stories, or don't. Updating is not frequent on this story sorry.

  • Never too Late (Fourtris AU)
    169K 5.8K 35

    Tris has a secret. Not a small secret. A big secret. A physical secret. And not just scars. This is a secret only her parents know. Tris can't hide it forever. Beatrice Prior moved from a small town in Michigan to the big city of Chicago to escape her past. Her secret? That's for you to find out. What if a certain b...