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  • Astrologist || SL x Reader X ORV
    3.8K 266 2

    It's really simple. It's two hot men, almost similar looking. That's what all the history books have painted them as at least. Sung Jinwoo is an ancient deity worshipped by a good chunk of the earth for saving them from the brink of destruction. Kim Dokja is a constellation in the sky known as Kim Dokja's company, tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Portals are just a Shift away || Solo leveling x reader
    332K 19.3K 51

    What happens when you're just trying to breathe before you get knocked into a manhwa you read for the plot. The plot? I meant for the mc. One second you were dreaming of being railed by the man, next second you were being railed by Truck-kun. How pleasant. Waking up, you find yourself as an undisclosed fragment of bri...