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  • Saving Adam
    2.2M 90.3K 49

    Sarah Campbell has everything she's ever wanted. She worked day and in and day out for her acceptance to her dream school, Vanderbilt University. And now that she's got it she can't wait to finally let loose. She never was the goodie-two-shoes her parents thought she was, but with a new start here at Vandy, she's real...

  • If I Stay
    132K 6K 59

    L E O L O M B A R D I "I felt so much, that I started to feel nothing." Pain. Loss. Numbness. Depression. Love? Follow Leo on his battle with depression, mental illness, drug abuse and more... Will he survive with the help of his siblings and friends? Or will it be too late... - BOOK 2 IN THE LOMBARDI SERIES (CA...

  • A Beautiful Mess|ONGOING
    2K 152 23

    ❝You're gonna be happy, ❞ said life, ❝but first I'll make you strong.❞ » » » A story of how a family reeling from loss and pain can come together and realize that there is beauty in the mess of life. In the wake of their mother's death, five siblings unitedly face the aftermath of grief, loss, and anger. Four brother...

    16.9K 992 18

    As Charlie grows up with her 4 older brothers, she gets exposed to the dark and somber world they live in. The secrets her brothers have tried to protect her from are no longer bearable and as Charlie grows up, she discovers the truth about her past, present, and future. 1 year ago, the Gomez family had gone through...

  • League Of Her Own
    32.2M 7.2K 8

    formerly known as One Of The Boys. Samantha Evans. A 17-year old girl in her Senior Year of High School. And the starting quarterback for the Westview Polar Bears. As Sam heads into her Senior Year, a tragedy strikes within her family. Her priorities shift as the season starts, her focus no longer on the season ahead...

  • The Art Of Series
    493K 23.9K 82

    This is a spin-off of several works I have completed or are currently underway. This series of short stories will follow a few of my characters through the rehabilitation process until they have their moment of clarity. Some issues dealt with in this book include: Anorexia, Bulimia, Depression, Suicide, Drugs (Oxycodo...

    301K 10.8K 26

    Four years ago, Charlie Reyes and Jonah Cavalcanti promised to die together. Four years ago, they promised to jump. He did; she hesitated, and she watched him fall to his death, too afraid to do the same herself. But little does she know, Jonah survived. He's spent all this time recovering from his injuries as well as...

  • Spring Tide
    318K 15.4K 31

    Harper St. James didn't mean to spread the ridiculous rumor ⁠- that little white lie she told her Sports Med professor. You know, the one where she claimed to be dating a notorious football player. And Luca Reynolds certainly didn't intend to blackmail her. Or threaten to sell her out to the boy she's been crushing on...

  • Inside Her Soul
    13.2K 851 13

    Her soul knew she was missing a part she would soon come to find and by then time wouldn't be the first on her side. A heavy weight having her crumble down, the emotions she'd crave would soon become a drug. But family would always have her relapse into a painful existence. DNA wouldn't matter, not with anyone. If mu...

  • Alone
    60.1K 1.9K 18

    Pain and cruelty is all twelve-year-old Atticus has ever known. After being taken from his loving family at the mere age of two, he was placed in a cold, cruel world with no one to protect or shield him. In the ten years that Atticus has been missing, he has been abused by people he believes are his mother and father...

  • The Minutes We Have
    14.2K 1.1K 20

    ❝We survived, but what about living?❞ • • • Just a few years ago, a tragedy almost separated us. But now I'm closer with my brothers than we've ever been. We struggled and then we overcame. Our home is full of laughter now, our lives are improving, and the stars had never shined this bright in the city. However, rumor...

  • Left Behind
    89.3K 5.4K 47

    Be careful what you ask for. When digging deep, you may uncover bodies. Maisie's life has been falling apart since her older sister went missing years ago without a trace. With a dead father and a mentally unstable mother, the teenage girl has been left in the care of her older brothers. When she bumps into hid...

  • The Sky Above Us
    1.5K 56 9

    When a perfect family leaves for a cross-country road trip things end tragically. A horrific car accident leaves three siblings orphaned and two of them unable to walk again. As Michaela fights for her life alongside her twin brothers, will she pull through her new daily struggles and be able to cope with all she's l...