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  • Flytrap
    34.1K 3.2K 35

    [Wattpad Editors' Picks AUGUST 2021] When men vanish around the city, a young, paraplegic detective takes it upon herself to uncover the truth and soon realizes the culprit might be a lot closer to home than she imagined. **** Barbara Gordon thought her career as a promising young detective ended after she was left c...

  • After the Sun Sets (18+)
    6.2K 938 28

    Lora grew up in a Catholic family and never doubted her faith. When her older sister commits suicide, Lora steps in to take care of her two young nieces and make sure their father, Jonathan, does not wander down the wrong path. Despite being several years older, Jonathan develops a liking to her and asks her to marry...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Hate Football Players
    1.9M 48.3K 103

    Football players are assholes. Ellie Harrison knows, she's related to one. Ellie's older and highly overprotective brother Jake is the star quarterback of Santa Cruz High School's football team. She loves him but hates his shadow. After a traumatic experience her freshman year, Ellie's done with high school, boys, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Short Changed || #ONC2022
    328 62 10

    Annabelle hadn't wanted to burn the restaurant down initially. In all honesty, she had been in a good mood. The food smelled great, the weather was perfect, and the boy she had met on Tinder looked like an absolute snack in all his pictures. But then, he rocked up to the date half an hour late, without an apology. W...

  • Wind
    96.1K 7.7K 31

    •• Wattys 2018 Winner •• Wattpad Featured Story •• One day, a wind blew into the town of Millstone and didn't stop. Slowly people moved away. It was like the town was trying to clear itself out, as though it was preparing for something sinister. When a strange man moves into town and purchases the old abandoned farmho...

  • Hunters' Shadow (Book one of the Hunter Chronicles)
    229K 12.1K 79

    Twenty Six year old Blake Hunter is the Alpha of the largest pack in the region. Finding his mate is the last thing on his mind. But, in the midst of dealing with uninvited relations, aspiring future Lunas and increasing rogue attacks on his eastern borders, a young woman stumbles out of the forest into his arms. Inj...

  • The Last Werewolf (Vidar #1) | ONC2021 Grand Winner
    6.6K 1.1K 24

    [ONC 2021 Grand Winner] After the events of Ragnarök, the God Vidar has settled in the nice and quiet city of Antwerp where he keeps an eye on the local paranormal community. Nearly a millennium later, Vidar is a grumbling bookstore owner by day and a lazy paranormal detective by night (albeit a slightly furry one dur...

  • Mind the Gap | ✔️
    502K 9.6K 37

    | 𝟭𝟲𝘅 𝗙𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗨𝗥𝗘𝗗 · [EDITORS' CHOICE -- NOVEMBER 2020] [ONC 2020 Winner] Two strangers on separate trains, divided by uncaring glass. A bond forms between them. But will it hold when their trains are bound for different destinations? Evan's heart has been bleeding since his little family was torn apart by divo...