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  • Α ℓσνє тιαиgℓє { a GhostMyers love story }
    893 34 3

    Ghostface the iconic killer from woodsboro is stuck in a love triangle between Frank his childhood friend and Michael his idol and closest friend, but the clumsy killer can't decide who he wants to spend the rest of his life with, so Frank and Michael compete to win his heart.

  • Hannibal x Will x Male Reader
    130 8 2

    You became a suspect to a murder but while you were investigated you fall in love...

  • Roommates (House of Horrors sequel)
    2.1K 72 6

    A sequel to House of Horrors. (Y/N) this time around will be gender neutral. So they're gonna use they/them pronouns. I'm making this change cause I noticed many woman readers on House of Horrors. This time around new slashers might be added and if I feel like it's wanted, spicy scenes too. Your favorite slasher boys...