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  • Unknowingly Halal (lawful)
    602K 43.3K 65

    I stare at him in horrified. it couldn't be happened my life ruined already I don't want it to ruin any further. No! It can't happen. I screamed in my head and clutch my head with both of my hands. "no. I don't want this" I whisper shaking visibly. "Adiba... please calm down... listen I want to tell you something.. j...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ehsas e Talluq ( Realization of Relationship)
    138K 12.4K 82

    Tropes: Angry Senior Dr-Talkative Intern-Arrange Marriage [Enemies to Lovers] Businessman-Business Woman-Arrange Marriage [One sided love trope] Father of two-Mother of 3-Marriage for kids [Second Chance] Doctor-Cafe Worker/Accountant <Changing professions throughout the story> [Love Marriage] "Ye call karne wal...

  • Intekhaab✔️
    112K 7.8K 32

    Muskaraney ka fun tho baadh ka hai Pehley saath ka intekhaab karo -Bakul Dev - A childhood alliance, a childhood crush and a close knit family...all now depended on the rebellious girl. She was spoilt but not out of hand..spoilt as in she got whatever she wanted but also she wouldn't ask for something she knew she c...

  • It was always written...
    8.8K 522 29

    Sequel to 'Maybe it was never meant to be...' Follow Ayla's daughter, Alayna. Who's going through her hard hurdles of life. The problem? Her father threw her into this pit of hell and she's now stuck with an arrogant beast who has no intention to leave her. Is she going to stay in loveless marriage like her mother...

  • Harsh And Divine
    97.4K 6K 50

    A story where a woman is stuck between two men of clashing power and authority. She piqued his interest as soon as he saw the very first sight. She was different....very different in his world and he loved it...loved everything about her. She was both strong and innocent, and he was attracted to both. How...

  • The Fallen Widow
    62.2K 6.4K 61

    In the face of the powerful, young and roguishly handsome landlord Choudhary Shah-Nawaz Qureshi, only Mehar-Bano was the one to oppose his patriarchal rule and in her fight, she fell and lost her husband, her heart and home. But it didn't stop her. A saga of love, obsession, insanity, murder and vengeance. The Fall...

  • My One And Only
    350K 15.6K 54

    ~She was there just for dream of becoming a lawyer and return back to her city, But as one thing led to other, she end up sitting on the stage as a bride, with the person she hated the most.. He never fell for any girl, but this one girl changed him forever and became his 'One And Only' . . . ...

  • Rose in the desert(MAFIA ROMANCE)
    701K 46.6K 53

    MIRAAN ROHERO(age 30) He belongs to a strong politician family.Along with having ties in the politics , they are also running the underworld.Miraan is the current mafia head. He is fit for the position with his ruthlessness and coldness,Guns have been in his hands since he couldn't even remember. He is brought up keep...

    Completed   Mature