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  • Texting with the Superstar✓
    137K 10.7K 27

    Unknown No: I WaS WatnG foR U Bt you Nt come. WhY? wHY? Me: Sorry buddy. But I was a bit busy. Unknown No: YoU are LiAr. Me: And you are drunk. Look enough with this. I don't know who you are what you are saying. An unexpected text from a stranger lead to a beautiful story between Antara and Abhimanyu. ...

  • Neodo Naanum .«( Book 2 )».
    6.5K 376 16

    What happened after Jungkook left to Korea leaving his love Reya? Did they meet again? Did they share their feelings for each other? Let's see what happened. This book 'Neodo Naanum' is a sequel of 'Anbudan Saranghae'. Before reading this I wish you to read 'Anbudan Saranghae' to know how Jungkook and Reya met and...

  • Anbudan Saranghae .«( Book 1 )».
    9K 524 15

    It is a love story of an Indian Tamil girl and a famous Kpop singer Jeon Jungkook. What happens between them that made Jeon Jungkook to come to India all the way from Korea just for a fangirl. Hey friends, if you are looking for something more than romance, then no this story is not for you. This story will be very s...

  • Miss. Fragile And Mr. Powerful
    326K 13.4K 56

    #1 in hatelove - 12/08/22022 #1 in business - 17/07/2022 #1 in forcedmarriage - 20/07/2022 #1 in businessman -18/07/2022 #1 in arrogant - 23/07/2022 #1 in contract - 23/07/2022 #1 in rude - 12/08/2022 "This is your check for the first month of five hundred thousand dollars ." She jerked her face to the side as soon a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our love journey (#LOVE SERIES)
    20.9K 4.5K 45

    A village girl Naira sha , a shy and bubbly girl having a lots of big dream that is to go to the city and become a successful doctor, but she is strong from childhood fighting with discrimination made her a strong fighter. A billionaire prince Abhimanyu Singh Shekhawat, a arrogant but a loving person only for his fam...