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  • Boulevard To Polaris (Virago Series #1)
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    ━━ VIRAGO SERIES #1. To hold yourself on a high ground without stepping on somebody else is a mantra told by many. Astra Ray Madrigal emboded that. She was once the embodiment of perfection, like a star to gaze upon. She has it all; beauty, brains, sophistication, and wealth. She's contented with what she has that be...

  • In a Field of Butterflies (Virago Series #2)
    247 11 6

    ━━ VIRAGO SERIES #2. Beauty is subjective for many. It can be one's nature, one's physical feature, one's attribute, and one's intellect. Avelle del Hernan only has one - the beauty in physical appearance. She is a raging river despite it's depths and calmness. She's vicious, a bully, and heartless mutt who thinks she...

  • Over Each Ruins (Virago Series #3)
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    ━━ VIRAGO SERIES #3. Healing is vast. It can be in physical terms, psychological or mental, and even emotional. It's unpredictable as well, you'll never know when it will end or if it even started. Still, Solace Cerilla thrived as a psychotherapist to provide the perfect type of healing for her patients, all despite t...