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  • His Hyperventilation Dance ( Ticci Toby Fanfiction )
    6.8K 363 12

    Caroline's dream is to become a reporter. So far she's made it to a low-level intern, barely able to make her own story without the news anchor laughing at her. Recently, she's uncovered a local legend and is determined to prove it to be true. She was going to be on the big screen and prove that Toby Erin Rogers is al...

  • LJ x Reader
    22.8K 647 10

    Your 17 (let's make it LJ is aswell :3) and you are Home alone with your younger brother. A 'clown like boy' stumbles into your house. He looked awful, his hair was un-naturally messy and he had blood spread across his outfit. Read more to see what happened

  • Ticci Toby and The Wolf
    9.8K 267 28

    We all know Ticci Toby, the strong evil killer. But when he meets Skay, a little girl, he cares for her. Toby found out she was a werewolf kid. It's a trouble taking care of her but he still loves her. Toby doesn't want her to be a bloodthirsty killer like him. But a horrible battle with fold and a heartbreaking endin...

  • My Dearest Daughter (Ticci Toby Romance)
    3.9K 75 10

    Scarlett as a 7 year old has imaginary friends every 7 year old does. but not like these her father aka Slenderman and her Big Brother Laughing Jack. one day they stop visting her when shes 14 Jeff, Ticci Toby, and Masky come to collect her shes a creepypasta

  • My Twitching Boyfriend {Ticci Toby x reader}
    735K 16K 33

    Being in the mansion is tough, ben being a pervert, jeff being a cry baby about losing, and the MISSIONS but when a friend you haven't seen comes along...the world changes and things don't seem that bad until later on

    Completed   Mature
  • Childhood (Ticci Toby x Reader)
    1.6M 51.2K 36

    A little girl. No older than 3. Abandoned in the forest and left to die by her parents. The only thing she had was her family scrapbook and a stuffed animal. Befriended the beast called The Rake that day. She ate some poisonous berries by accident and almost died. Her new friend hollered to the being known as Slenderm...

  • Dark wood
    411 15 1

    Ce promener dans la forêt... Lorsqu'un épais brouillard arrive... Courir ou ne pas courir?

  • My life with a killer (a Toby fanfic)
    1.7K 101 12

    Its in the title

  • Le carnaval de zelda et ses amis
    821 49 2

    zelda et link on décidé de faire un défiler pour la carnaval de se filmer et c était fay qui était derrière la caméra !

  • True love come in many forms (ticci toby Love Story)
    1.3K 33 2

    A 16 year old girl named Emily lives with her adobted family and is looking arownd her new town and meets a boy about her age covered in ..... blood.

  • The troubles of a murderer
    94 5 4

    Sorry I don't have the best punctuation or spelling. First story please comment. I need all the help I can get. Sorry I hardly ever update school sucks. I'll try to update more I'm kinda at a stand still I don't know where to go from here

  • haunted (a ticci toby love story)
    46.4K 1.7K 25

    whisp is a 17 year old girl with silver hair with dark green eyes and she always wears a black shirt with a creeper on it with blue jeans. you guys should know what toby wears.

  • Haunted house
    330 23 1

    Une petite exploration entre potes qui ne se passe pas comme prévu et notre ami Slenderman qui veille au grain. Pas très sérieux, mais c'est juste pour vous faire patienter en attendant la suite avec le Sanatorium.

  • My Savior (Ticci Toby X Reader)
    666K 22.1K 81

    You had an abusive family. No one cared for you nor your little sister, Cherokee. She meant everything to you. She was your life. Your guys bond was like no other. Until someone breaking into your house and taking away. This stranger saved you and fell in love with you..

  • Unexpected (Slenderman)
    612 33 7

    Moving houses isn't that easy, but what would happen to Mia if she starts to wonder in the forest after the move, trying to escape her problems with her family , would she go towards a death zone or fall in love with an unexpected someone?

  • Ticci Toby Romance...
    26.7K 504 4

    Leah is a 17 year old girl, starving for danger, but when she comes face to face with the danger she was never expecting, how will she react?

  • { lights out}Ticci Toby x Reader
    544K 20K 54

    knowing Toby Rodgers will not be a happy ending, there's too much broken, too much to fix. How is someone suppose to forgive all the things he's done wrong, and accept the little done right? Simply accepting the existence of him is accepting failure, in keeping him sane, and yourself safe.

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    603 22 3

    (Ticci Toby x Unknown) I wanted to continue the original Unknown story, and I ship Toby and Unknown, so this crap is what came out of it. None of the characters mentioned in this fanfiction are mine. I am in no way associated with the official Creepypasta website. Unknown was created by JefferyMasky54 Ticci Toby was c...

  • My Savior (Ticci Toby x Reader)
    149K 5.3K 26

    (y/n) is a girl who is living a life with a mother who killed herself only a year ago and a drunk, abusive dad. What happens when this girl finds her savoir?

  • A secret love(ticci toby x reader)
    330K 11.9K 31

    Ticci-Toby fanfic for all you Creepy Pasta lovers out there! Edit 11/13/2020- plz give me some slack I wrote this in 2014 when I was 13 dear GOD

  • Ticci Toby x Reader
    126K 3.4K 16

    You know...

  • A Guide To Creepypasta
    137 6 1

    I decided to do this because.... I need to get out more often. I will explain how Creepypasta and Proxies work and function in this story. So basically a guide to The Underrelam (And other places you may not know about~) Hope it helps all of you~~~~ -Hoodie

  • ticci toby x reader
    36.4K 748 6

    Eeeeeey!? how's it going?? ok this is my first story and im only 12 so not so good at spelling or writing Anywho- HERE IS A TICCI TOBY X READER