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  • The Solivagants
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    Ashaya Markin, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Denwild, was locked in a single room for the first twelve years of her life. Because of an accident when she left her room for the first time, the two slaves that had taken care of her, her only friends, were executed. Their son, another slave, was left to fend for hi...

  • KEEFER Of The Lost Cities
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    This is the first book of KOTLC, but instead of Keefe knowing what everyone feels, WE know what Keefe feels. That's right, it's in Keefe's POV- the whole book. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE: THIS BOOK ISN'T ONLY FOR SOKEEFE SHIPPERS I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE! (In fact, I may make one from Fitz's pov too)Please, no matter...