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  • Armaya Nicolai
    82.4K 3.6K 8

    A second chance of life A chance to re-live A chance to find myself Be the person who I wanted to be. Someone who'll never beg for someone's love. A chance to be free. Free from betrayals. Free from tears Free from pain Free from heartaches Are all these possible? - Armaya Be with me. Nothing's impossible - Eros

  • Radicus Alcantara (Published under PSICOM)
    1.7M 55.3K 46

    Radicus Alcantara

  • Ang Misis Kong Astig!
    15.2M 314K 43

    The final book of ASTIG SERIES... Married life of extraordinary couple Blake and Alex Monteverde with additional spice from their naughty cutie daughter Cassandra Marlene. Ang Alalay Kong Astig- Book 1 Ang Syota Kong Astig- Book 2

  • Love Me Too
    6.7M 122K 46

    The story depicts the game of love and desires. Clarisse De Silva was a lawyer who was famous not only for her skill but also for being a coldhearted person. She was an affectionate woman who only stopped believing in love after series of heartaches and decided to focus on chasing her dreams. In exchange of getting he...

  • Ang Syota Kong Astig! (Published Under Summit/Pop Fiction)
    23.6M 398K 46

    This is the second book of ANG ALALAY KONG ASTIG. A continuation of the love story of the most eligible billionaire bachelor Blake Monteverde and the free spirited skillful fighter police officer Alexandra Valdemor.

  • Shadow Lady
    418K 14.8K 30

    Unknown to humanity, there are two kinds of secret society inhabiting this modern world, both possess abilities and powers obscure to mankind. The Gadians, a clan of descendants of Gods and Goddesses, and the Refurmos, a community of extraordinary people who were born from non-magical parents but possess exceptional i...

  • Fast Break
    3.4M 57.9K 33

    Jerome Hernandez is currently the hottest NBA player. He became an overnight sensation because of his hypnotizing basketball skill, handsome look, intelligence and classy attitude. He's the perfect description of the word 'charisma'. Despite of his skyrocketing popularity, he remains a god-fearing gentleman and humble...

  • The Unreachable Wife
    6.8M 195K 49

    Anya Tejero was forced to return to a place she chose to forget for years, a remote town where her grandparents' old farm was located. Ten years ago, she committed the most stupid and impulsive decision in her life. She secretly married Lander Rafael Valera, a farm owner's grandson whom she only dated for two months...

    440K 24.7K 45

    Deanery Mortel was a single woman with fat pocket. But despite of wealth and success, she was secretly empty inside because of a man she let go. Her life was full of 'what ifs'. One day, she died and the next day she opened her eyes living in her past again. With this chance given to her, would she want to experience...

  • H.O.T 1: Dante (R-18/SPG)
    259K 3.8K 22

    Dante can read lewd thoughts... ... and Mij is a woman with a very dirty mind.

    2.3M 91K 22

    Will Summer Pascua still consider Jack Frost nothing but a nuisance now that their paths have crossed again after 8 years? (BOOK 2 OF BY THE WAY, HIS NAME IS JACK FROST)

  • Babysitting The Bad Boy
    27.4M 997K 39

    {#1 in teenagers} {#2 in fiction} {#2 in popular} "You better not tell anyone about this." "Aw why not? I'm sure your fandom of desperate girls would love to know that their precious prince charming needs a babysitter." I smile innocently back at his death glare. "I'm serious, nerd. I could make your life hell." ...

  • Romancing the Nanny
    6.2M 75.9K 38

    [COMPLETED] When the handsome shipping magnate Kier Falcon hired Helga Diaz to be his twins' temporary Nanny, he also made sure their relationship is strictly professional. Yet over a week with Helga, he starts to see the real her - a sweet, caring and full of life who loves to have fun with his twins. *** Her experi...

    Completed   Mature
  • For His Entertainment
    4.9M 126K 68

    Melvin Spencer Feledrico is the worst. He plays it well because he likes to play it dirty. Aleandra Margarette Estero knows this very well. She grew up with Spencer dahil kaibigan siya ng kuya nito, and ever since, she had always been in love with him. She knows she has to stop. Hindi si Spencer ang tipo ng lalaki na...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind Walls (Ruptured Series #2)
    756K 15.4K 41

    (WARNING: Mature Contents. Read at your own risk, please.) Mag-asawa sina Arcise at Red sa mundo ng pagkukulang at hindi pagkakaintindihan. Mahal ni Arcise si Red pero hindi kailanman naramdaman ni Arcise na mahal siya ni Red. Kaya dumistansya siya dito para makahinga sa katangahang naroon siya. Akala niya sa pag-al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Decadence [Published]
    5.4M 158K 79

    Love obliterates fear. Jergen Carbonell Camince isn't your typical SSG President. She's far from perfect, and she isn't afraid to expose her imperfections. However, life has to test her strength and brilliance with an unforeseen havoc, and Jee's sanity is on the line. She knows there's no turning back, and she's never...

  • JASPER, The Demon Slayer
    4.2M 117K 114

    Katropa Series Book 9 [Completed] Language: Filipino Bago pa man maipanganak si JASPER, itinakda na ng propesiya mula sa aklat ng angkan ng mga Villaluz ang kanyang misyon. Ito'y ang pamunuan ang hukbong tatapos sa pamamayagpag ng mga kampon ng kadilimang pinamumunuan ng kanyang ninunong si Lucio na--tulad n'ya ay...

  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 3)
    55.2M 1.1M 128

    Mikazuki convinces Bullet to meet his birth parents after being taken away by the former leader of the most powerful mafia group, Black Organization, for twenty-five years. But what if she later learns that their real families are in fact mortal enemies? Will Mikazuki dare to fight for their blossoming love--or will s...

    1.6M 53.2K 27

    SAN DIEGO SIBLINGS SERIES #1 (MARIUS SAN DIEGO'S STORY - COMPLETED) ********** Bully ang pagkakakilala ni Marius kay Vina dahil kinder pa lang sila ay mapagmataas na ito't mapagmalaki. Galing daw kasi sa angkan ng mayayaman. Kung tratuhin sila ni Markus noon daig pa ang basahan. Ganunpaman, kahit ano pa ang sabihin n...

  • Impish Hearts
    1.2M 33.7K 61

    Story of an Unexpected Love of Ericson Jyn Jacobs and Fallon Teresse Masambique. How can a simple power trip lead to something romantic?

    Completed   Mature
  • LOVELUST (Completed)
    4.4M 48.5K 53

    Si LEYLA NAVARRO ay isang probinsyana, mahinhin at tahimik na dalaga. Sa kagustuhang mag aral sa maynila ay nilisan niya ang kanyang probinsya. Ngunit sa pagpunta niya sa maynila ay makikilala niya ang notorious playboy ng kanilang unibersidad at mainlove dito. Pero isa lang ang nais sa kanya ng binata. Katawan la...

  • The Ruthless Assassin
    448K 10.9K 46

    He wants vengeance. Gagalugarin nya ang buong mundo mahanap lang ang pumatay sa kapatid nya. He'll do anything to get even. Gamitin man nya ang babaeng mahal nya. He's a heartless, Ruthless Assassin. He is Chans Maniago.

  • Just Stay (Great Bachelor Series #2)
    1.5M 35.6K 22

    Mahal ko siya pero sumusuko na siya... Palagi kong sinasabing andito lang ako pero di siya naniniwala, ayaw niyang ipagkatiwala yung puso niya hanggang sa huli, Pinapasuko niya na ako pero di ko kaya, ayoko siyang iwanan, Mahal na mahal ko siya... To the point na... Ako na lang yung lumalaban

  • EHS 4: His Seductive Affair
    4.6M 100K 20

    With her alluring beauty and a sultry body, men could easily fall for Mandy. The only man that seemed uninterested with her was the Honorable Senator Matthew Stewart-the man she desired. It was a sad reality but that wouldn't stop her from wanting him. She would do everything to get his attention. And that include s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cinderella is Married To A Gangster! (Complete)
    16.9M 354K 69

    [COMPLETE] (Currently Editing) Sino nga ba si Cinderella? Ang pagkakaalam ko kasi sya yung babaeng palaging inaapi ng kanyang Evil Stepmother at Evil Stepsisters, pero kahit na ganun, nagkaroon naman sya ng happily ever kasama ang kanyang prince charming. Pero paano kung hindi naman pala 'and they live happily ev...

  • Just The Benefits (PUBLISHED)
    63.9M 1.2M 74

    Imogen Harrison has been dating campus heartthrob Parker Yapchengco. But no one knows about it. Bagaman pumayag si Imogen na ilihim nila ni Parker ang kanilang relasyon ay hindi nawawala ang kanyang mga agam-agam tungkol dito. Buti na lang at madalas siyang damayan ni Shiloah Suarez, ang bagong transferee sa kanilang...

  • A One Night Love
    873K 14.9K 68

    Infatuation or Love? Kelan nga ba natin masasabi na infatuation lang ang isang bagay at love naman ang sa isa? Meet Heather Stewart, ang dalagang torn between infatuation or love ang nararamdaman nya para sa all time and longtime "crush" nyang si Lazarus Temprosa. Maaalog ang mundo ni Heather sa pagdating ng umagang h...

  • The Bedbugs Addiction [SPG]
    543K 5.4K 26

    "Don't let the bedbugs bite," bata pa, yan na ang pinaniniwalaan ni Jessica. Bedbugs. But what are those bedbugs in the literal and colorful world of sex? Hmmnn.... Sex mate. Bed warmer or partner. Paramour. Sila ang mga literal na nangangagat. Paano na yan? Natutukso ka.. Masasaktan ka.. Iiwan ka.. Kahit alam mo nang...

  • Seducing My Ex-wife
    1.8M 23.8K 49

    Sabi nila "Love is sweetier in the second time around" pero paano ba kami magkakaroon ng second time around, pagkatapos kung iwanan at ipagpalit sa iba ang asawa at ina mga anak ko, ang babaeng nakasama ko sa loob ng labing limang taon at basta ko lang iniwan at pinagpalit sa iba. Sapat na ba ang sorry para muli nia...