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  • The Professor's Girl | 18+ | COMPLETE |
    18.6M 463K 25

    |18+| In one night of drunken, post-breakup passion, Lizbeth manages to hookup with the dominant boy of her dreams. It was supposed to be a one night stand, one and done, never seen again. Until she does see him again, as her professor. Private tutoring sessions never sounded so good. |This is a BDSM-themed, erotic...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Professor
    1.5M 34.3K 36

    I'm supposed to be attending art school, focusing on studies, making friends, having fun. Instead, I can't keep my mind off of my hot professor. And he can't keep me off his either. "I love this book so much" - annika1_ "[This] book is my favorite one right now" - Granola_Jossie "This book is sooooooo lovely...It's s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Skin To Skin
    3.3M 39.4K 39

    This is a new story that i am writing i hope you guys will like it. Its about collage students furthering their career. The main characters are Xavier and Anna Lisa ,both 20 years old but they still have to sex it up a little and find space for love. There are a set of rules which Xavier made and decided to follow...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tumultuous Tales Of Kitty Tatum
    26.2K 696 3

    Katherine Tatum grew up under the watchful eyes of her duteous parents; every transgression was met with a swift punishment and reciting of their favorite bible verse. On her first day attending Queenswood University, a prestigious school 150,000 miles from home, she is relieved to discover that her new roommate is no...

  • Yours Truly,
    5.3K 173 7

    After discovering the identity of Eliot, her anonymous lover, Cassie is determined to put the experience behind her. Although, forgetting Eliot may be harder than it first appears.

  • HER TOY 18+
    1.9M 42.1K 39

    Falling in love with a sadistic toy maker was never part of the plan. The Toy Maker loving her back only made things interesting. The second book in the Pink Cherry series.

    Completed   Mature
  • Crescendo
    16K 304 9

    Blair is a virgin. A virgin with international notoriety for writing smutty bestsellers. Her expertise between the bedsheets might be a sham but when a music prodigy offers to show her the ropes, she may fall for more than his enchanting melodies.

  • Love, Eliot
    286K 7K 25

    There's something hot in anonymity, at least Cassie thinks so. Until she arrives for her first semester at Hillview University. The tantalizing online stranger that has been toying with her for months is there as well, as a student. The problem is, she doesn't know which one.

    Completed   Mature