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  • a piece of moon and the sunflower star
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    Just some poems, prose and thoughts from a teenagers mind. I own all the drawings of this book. Thank you :) Btw cover is designed by me. #1 poetry #1 poetrybook #1 poetrycollection 27 June 2022 #1 poem 18 Aug 2022 #1 poetrybook 1 December 2022

  • Voice From My Heart
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    (My collection of poems) An attempt to let the ink of my heart spill and carve into poetry... These are the stories of my scares, sleepless nights, forced smiles and much more! # 5 in poetry (5-09-22) # 5 in poetry collection (8-09-22) # 6 in deep thinking (8-09-22) I do not own the copyright of all the pictures...

  • What If Tomorrow Is Too Late?
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    A collection of emotional and inspirational poetry that may pull on your heart strings. I hope my words inspire you and fill your heart with love, hope and encouragement. But, as life throws us a few curveballs and it always does, there are a few poems that are darker as I take you along with me through some trying ti...

  • I Met You When I Was Sixteen
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    ~a book of poems~ *WARNING* Contains a true story that happened to me. #243 in true story 12/29/2018

  • Sometimes Someone - Unrequited Love Poems
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    Stages of unrequited love Unrequited love means "not reciprocated or returned in kind", it's an unselfish and Stoic willingness to accept suffering. Since , Sometimes Someone - Unrequited love Poems is completely based on the feelings for someone you loved but never loved in return, it's remain an incomplete love stor...

  • Fool's Garden: A Collection of Unrequited Love Poems
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    Inspired by Rumi, a tale of two souls and more searching for a true connection. This collection of poem is about the feelings of longing, hurt and aching. The feeling of an instant passionate connection followed by a sudden departure.

  • Entangled Feelings
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  • Moonlight & Fireflies
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    Moonlight & Fireflies is a collection of poems mainly about love, heartbreak, friendship and life. The book contains 50 short and simple poems. This is actually my first attempt so I hope you guys like it