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  • Until You
    86 0 8

    When Charlie Ronquillo finds herself short-staffed for a couple of days, she finds help in the most unexpected person: Sid Agustin, her fruit and vegetable supplier, who was also the same guy who recently ghosted her. Left with no choice, she lets him help, and discovers that there was more to their failed date that s...

  • Then, Now, and Ever After
    104 8 8

    Aina Macaraig finds out that famous TV reporter Maki Angeles is actually her long-lost childhood friend. They meet each other again after so many years, and Maki now has a chance to fulfill a promise he once made her, many years ago. This story was part of the Tropetastic Kindness Bundle, a charity anthology that feat...

  • Perfect Dad
    24 0 6

    Neither Paula nor Juan has felt the kind of attraction they each feel toward each other from the moment they met. It would be so easy to fall in love except that as a single father, Juan's priority will always be his son, Julian. What if they fall for Paula and she's not ready to fall for them? Author's Note: I wrote...

  • Two Doors Down
    249 9 6

    After a three week work trip abroad, Luigi Quirino from 11A comes home to a package that is not for him. He discovers it belongs to an annoyed Patricia Co from 11K and intends to make it up to her, if she lets him.

  • Congrats, You're In Love!
    136 1 5

    As the Innovations Manager for the KiligFinder app, Cami knows that the data can't lie--and according to the data, she and her roommate, friend and one time ballroom dance partner Zack are in love. She can't avoid him forever, especially not when they both get stuck in the building elevator. *** This story was part o...

    Completed   Mature
  • See You Under the Counter (short story)
    398 18 1

    One night, two beers, three songs. Open Mic Night at NomCom is usually great business for Feliz's craft beer stall-except when a sudden downpour means everything's canceled and everyone's stranded. Ready for a slow and uneventful night, she gets unexpected company when she offers shelter to Manuel, guy with a guitar...