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  • Fire
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    "I'm like fire...I destroy everything I touch." "I can fix you," He said softly," After all, fire can be beautiful." _________________ Great Idea from @anchorsahoy , so please check her out!

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    I don't like waiting. But if waiting means having you, then I will wait until I have you. 'Waiting' In which Louis Tomlinson has to wait, for a long time.

  • Nobody's Juliet (The Art of Goodbye)
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    Smile, Nod and deliver!... That was the pitiful life of Juliet Reeves - The world famous Superstar. But do you ever wonder what goes on behind the curtain that conceals Hollywood life?

  • The Love That Remains |H.S
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    "Those are just the scars on the surface Harry" I mumbled, looking down at my cut up body. "You didn't just leave scars on the surface" I continued, looking into his deep blue eyes. "I know, and that's why I'm back, to fix them" A Harry Styles Fan Fiction Alternate Universe all rights reserved 2016 || @KJBartlett p...

  • umbrella // h.s [c.s]
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    Copyright 2013 theoreoeatingninja

  • Letters to Niall Horan
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    Dear Someone, Anonymous letter are sent to Niall Horan. Each day comes a new letter from ‘-T’ explaining their deepest secrets and thoughts. One day a return address is left on the envelope and Niall goes in search of anonymous. Surprise to ‘-T’ because she had no idea she had sent these letters to Niall Horan.

  • 19 Days •Louis Tomlinson•
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    After getting in a bad fight with her boyfriend, Addy leaves Louis alone in their apartment. Hours later, a knock on the door caused Louis to smirk thinking it's Addy returning with her apology. Oh, how wrong he was. The smirk was wiped right off his face when he came face to face with two police officers with sorrow...

  • Damaged // l.t. AU
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    ❝"You've become so damaged, that when some one wants to give you what you deserve, you have no idea how to respond.❞ Credit goes to: @anchorsahoy Copyright 2014 © No plagiarism.