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  • VBS#1: Taming the Ruthless✓
    219K 4.2K 44

    Milgrace Avery Delos Santos is a confident woman. Despite her naughty personality, she is serious about her dreams. She always does her best in everything that she commits. Cairus Mael Villaverde has been a favorite of hers since she was a child, although he is uninterested in her. She is constantly making a way for t...

  • VBS#2: Jilting the Fearless
    2.9K 80 12

    Therene Kylei De Vega has beauty and brains. She fights for everything she thinks is right. But there's one thing she can't defend for; her dream to be a lawyer. No matter how much she likes to be one, the first man she loved wouldn't let her to-her dad. Jairus Mikael Villaverde is known for being fearless. He looks u...

  • VBS#3: Marrying the Heartless
    763 13 1

    Raya Azenith Valencia and Zairus Markell Villaverde are bound to marry each other. She has no choice. It was her mother's favor before she died. She doesn't want to commit after she came from a painful heartbreak. She thinks a man isn't necessary to have; even her dad. She needs no one. Meanwhile, Zairus-the man who's...