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  • To Kill a King
    2.7K 368 7

    When you win a contest to meet your favourite writer, Stephen King, you could never imagine where his ideas came from, but he's going to show you. Then you can be King... ### He's your hero. Your idol. And he's retiring. But there's a competition to meet him. To discover his secrets. To learn from the Master of H...

  • From walls
    18 8 2

    It was raining for days, it was cold, it was unusually dark. Nina was alone, but hearing sounds around her, getting weird messages on her computer. The storm brought something with it, something from another world. Is it friendly or violent?

  • Hero and Perfect
    5.3K 257 21

    A m/m BL style romance with some explicit 18+chapters. Childhood friends to lovers romance , featuring high school, family, a fierce chef and a gorgeous math prodigy. Drama . University. Career and a hot K-pop band of my own creation( not fan fiction) Now complete. A scarred angry chef and a feisty math genius di...

    Completed   Mature
  • Valley of the Shadows
    1K 178 61

    Valley of the Shadows is Book Two of the Sanpyrian Chronicles, the story of Kara and Markis. After surviving the torment of Edword's dungeon, Kara accompanies Markis back to his homeland, only to find the politics of Silician Armenia to be far more perilous than even under the rampage of Edword! As someone begins to a...

    Completed   Mature
  • day1 love
    13.7K 1.7K 50

    read along as she becomes who she was always supposed to be with who she was always meant for

  • The Death Of Me
    2.7K 566 23

    To be determined.

  • News & Updates
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