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  • ES #01: Apple Of My Eyes
    1.7K 326 61

    AWESOMELY COMPLETED! ACTION-ROMANCE Equilibrium Series #1: Arvhinhell Alexis Laison Fuentes "I adore you." written by: asereneko APPLE OF MY EYES : Season One - Intoxicating Sweetness | Completed : Season Two - The Origin | Completed : Season Three - The Golden Apples | Completed credits to the rightful owner of the...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Rebound Wife
    3.6K 259 14

    Wife Series 5 She loved him too early, and he loved her too late. He is now ready to do everything for her. He is willing to love her now. But she grew tired of him. A trust that was once broken can never be the same again. Will they fall in love with each other's arms again? -Lhyra Gomez & Jaydan Borromeo & Thaddeus...

  • His Agent Wife
    28.6K 1.3K 36

    Wife Series 4 A sexy and fiery love between an agent and a syndicate princess. A love encounter and a marriage that's not supposed to happen. Their past that haunts them and their heartaches that is bound to happen. Will the two of them survive the odds against their marriage? -Red Pysche Melendez and Zerious Corniell...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Stripper Wife
    49.8K 1.3K 34

    Wife Series 3 I am just a woman with full of misery, angst, and unluckiness. I was expected to be like my mother, a famous stripper. Yes, for one day I became one. I was too desperate to have the money and then I found you. We started from a mistake but I'll never regret loving you. Even for a short time, it's worth i...

  • His Desperate Wife
    562K 8.7K 44

    Wife Series 2 A love of desperation and misunderstanding. A suffocating relationship of their marriage life. How can they save their once perfect relationship? Leunice Marchezâ & Thorine Montemayor

    Completed   Mature
  • His Maimed Wife
    2.6M 48.7K 57

    Wife Series 1 It is all about a wife who loves her husband that she's willing to do everything for him. Even if that consequences will make her be maimed. -Yanice Marchezâ & Marco Gomez

    Completed   Mature
  • Unlock to Love Again (Siblings Series #1)
    2K 186 55

    Unlock to Love Again by Penmary (Wattys 2021 shortlist) Simple lang naman ang magka-crush. Kapag nakakita ka ng lalaking mabango at guwapo, automatic na iyon. Ganoon ang pananaw noon ni Ryma sa unang crush niya. Akala niya ay nawala na ang damdaming iyon subalit sa paglipat niya ng Maynila, hindi niya inasahang ma...

    Completed   Mature