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  • Martini Kisses (epistolary)
    32.4K 3K 33

    Midnight Ladies #3 #YChronicles Will she settle down? *** in which Milly, a curious and adventurous musician who loves to explore, keeps getting paired up with a broody, temperamental man. They are polar opposites of one another, but a steamy challenge drives them to test each other's limits *** An MNR epistolary coll...

  • Raspberry Nights (epistolary) ✔️
    694K 39.7K 180

    Midnight Ladies #1 #YChronicles Will she choose to fall? *** In which Ran keeps receiving text messages from a guy named Nix, who is obviously head over heels and courting a girl named Bea. *** An MNR epistolary collaboration with @NayinK and @Pilosopotasya

  • Neon Letters (epistolary) ✔️
    553K 40.1K 269

    Midnight Ladies #2 #YChronicles Will she take a risk? *** In which Neve keeps texting her deceased friend's number, at first in order to cope with the loss, and later on, as a force of habit. After four years, she is about to stop, but suddenly, the number responds. *** An MNR epistolary collaboration with @NayinK a...