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  • I Remember You
    7.9K 346 6

    In that moment he had first met eyes with him, it was not the vulgar comment that turned him off. He wasn't off put at all, but rather, unsettled. Even scared. "You... look just like him." A RadioDust story. Alastor by s0s2 Angel Dust by Jillian Taylor Background from freepik. All I did was photoshop the images t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hazbin Hotel Boyfriend /Girlfriend Scenarios
    324K 4.5K 24

    I felt extremely inspired by a song and just had to did soooo....IMMA DO IT!! Sorry boys female readers ONLY. Charlie Vaggie Angel Dust Alastor Husk Cherri Bomb Niffty Baxter

  • Radiodust ❤
    21.6K 424 7

    Alastor x Angel Dust. it's gonna be gay. it's gonna get steamy. I will do requests

  • RadioDust - Hell's Bride
    15K 633 7

    Alastor is the ruler of hell and everyone expected him to have a bride in his many years as ruling King. However, he refuses, in turn, he uses a fake bride to keep the realm off his back. What happens when he truly grow feelings for his so-called fake bride? Disclaimer- I do not own any characters, setting, etc. bel...

  • Not All Angels Go Ta Heaven{Discontinued}
    1.9K 61 24

    HELLO! I Really Like Hazbin Hotel So I Decided That I'm Gonna Make A Book. ⚠Warning⚠: Contains Self Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, LGBTQ+ Content, And More, So Plz Read Cautiously. Also, Most Of The Art Is Not Mine, I Will Label When It's My Art. So Basically, The Story Is Mainly From Angels P.O.V, And I Don't Like To Wri...

  • Hazbin Hotel One Shots!~
    168K 2K 10

    ⚠SMUT⚠ I'll only do RadioDust and Charlie x Vaggie. AnD a lItTlE of Nifty x Husk. Enjoy!~ (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡ (WARNING: LOTS OF MISS SPELLING.) The most you'll see is RadioDust.

  • Contracts and Deals {RadioDust Fanfiction}
    36.2K 1.4K 27

    (COMPLETED AND BEING HEAVILY EDITED) Angel Dust, one of Hell's number one porn actors. Alastor, one of Hell's most renowned and feared overlords. The two cross paths. Angel makes a deal with Alastor to get out of his contract with Valentino. One thing leads to another, plans are made, actions are taken and a possible...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Deer Radio Angel
    2.2K 90 5

    Alastor just came into the hotel showing an interest with Charlie's passion project. Angel has grown an interest to the new Radio Demon and tries his best to get closer to him How will he get closer to Alastor? How will Alastor react? Read to figure out! ●Note● -I started this in school out of boredom and this was WAY...

  • So Much In Common: Book 1
    48.8K 1.5K 22

    When a demon arrives at the hotel that claims to be Alastor's father, Angel Dust learns that he and the Strawberry Pimp have a lot more in common then he realized. Unfortunately, when Alastor realizes this, he doesn't want to accept it at first, which causes problems. It doesn't take long for Angel to realize how much...

  • Spider Dance A RadioDust Story
    46.8K 1K 15

    Angel is a nervous wreck around Alastor and Alastor hates him for his slutty nature. What happens when they catch feelings after a dance, and don't realize the other likes them back! Join us on this emotional rollercoaster! None of the art is mine, probably won't contain unsafe content. 12+

  • My little kidnapper | RadioDust | Angel Dust x Alastor
    21.7K 784 8

    I was sitting in my room. I think, I hear something. I think I hear someone. WHAT THE FUCK AM I HEARING-?! I wake up in small room. I'm tied down to a chair "What the fuck-!?" I say "Ah your awake, mister Anthony!" This is a human AU about Alastor kidnapping Angel Dust (Anthony is what I'm told his human name is), and...

  • Radio on Drugs
    5.9K 129 8

    🔞GORE WARNING LAST CHAPTER🔞 This is a AngelDust x Alastor fanfiction that contains mature content. This story will *NOT* be more seriously written but still containing jokes and self inserted comments. Hope you enjoy~! Note: this is mostly from a third person perspective but it focuses on certain characters so that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Weak
    12K 440 33

    Angel feels like dead weight on everyone's shoulders, useless waste of time for everyone else, yet for some reason they still cared about him. Angel is secretly falling apart, trying to hide it from his friends, but one particular demon comes into his life, determined to make a change of things. How would it work out...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sugar Coated Strawberries
    84.4K 2K 29

    What happens when Angel and Al fall fast and deep into love, what challenges will they face? Bask in the glory of my beautiful overly protective boys! This is a story i'm writing because my friend wont work on his, probably won't be good. My first book expect it to be crappy. Oh and these characters aren't mine, they...

  • I Thought I Knew You || Hazbin Hotel
    10.1K 577 19

    Angel Dust can't ruin the hotel's reputation if he can't go outside. Or, at least, that's what Alastor says. Of course, it's all a ploy to torture Alastor's least favorite spider demon, but maybe he doesn't know Angel Dust as well as he thinks he does. Mature rating for mature themes, no explicit content. TW: drug use...

  • 💓💞 A Yandere for a Deer 💞💓
    777 21 4

    Alastor shows up to the hotel and Angel immediately takes a liking to the Overlord. Angel vows to never let anyone take his deer away from him no matter what. Alastor begins to catch feelings as well until something happens. Alastor watches in horror and fear as angel kills his new friend. Alastor immediately loses al...

    22.6K 747 13

    Angel Dust has developed a crush on Alastor ever since he walked in the door and he first laid his eyes on him.He hasn't felt this way in a while.At the moment,he was trying to get on Alasor's good side but Alastor clearly isn't interested until he slowly but surely falls for him while Angel seems less and less of a b...

  • Radiodust Oneshots
    14.6K 326 8

    Just oneshots for our favorite boys! These characters are Vivzipop's! Not mine!