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  • Little Mermaid and the Scallywag | Jikook {COMPLETED}🔞
    2.6K 180 1

    Captain Jeon Jungkook finds himself locked in a prison cell facing execution on the charges of piracy. A fate he's resigned himself to, but the night before he's to be hanged the cocky grin of a rival pirate shows up to rescue him. ⛔️<b>I stopped allowing translations. Do not repost/translate or plagiarize<b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Little Peach 🍑 | Jikook 🔞
    8.2K 392 1

    In a world where male omegas are super rare and shunned because they couldn't procreate, Park Jimin is an orphaned male omega who ends up in the human city. He keeps it to himself because he's too different from the others and doesn't belong here. Wolves live in packs and are social animals. Jimin too longs for a pack...

    Completed   Mature
  • Petite Mort • assassin taekook
    1K 146 1

    In many ways, an orgasm is very much like death. Or, Taehyung and Jungkook are assassins that hook up one last time. Warning: smut, violence, major character death?

    Completed   Mature
  • 4pm | pjm. √
    106K 8K 4

    Everyday when the hour hand strikes 4, I tested death. The one who saves me each time, undoubtly, was Jimin.

  • He Changed || KookV ✅
    746K 37.5K 35

    [Completed] "Come in." Taehyung walked inside the vacant office. The aesthetic interior caught his attention but the face he saw next led him to halt his steps. He didn't know he would meet him so soon. "J-Jungkook?" "Mr. Jeon" "What?" "Call me Mr. Jeon" After suddenly disappearing to god-knows-where, Taehyung finally...

  • ♛Confession's Confusion♛ (Jikook/Kookmin) [[COMPLETED]]
    1M 74K 101

    ❝I won't tell anyone, I promise.❞ -J. JK. ❝I changed my mind. From now on, if you won't obey me, I will do something you don't like and tell everyone about your secret.❞ -J. JK. What would Jungkook do if he finds out that Jimin's family was actually a clan of murderers? Contains: Violence (Lvl: High) Fluff (Lvl: Hig...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Accept The Follow // BTS
    81.8K 5.5K 15

    What happens when someone accepts a follow request of a stranger? Highest Rankings: #955 in Scary #895 in Scary #884 in Mystery/Thriller #812 in Mystery/Thriller #808 in Mystery/Thriller #728 in Mystery/Thriller #633 in Creepy #610 in Mystery/Thriller #488 in Creepy #399 in Mystery/Thriller #393 in Scary #386 in Scary