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  • Hump and Dump
    3.1M 124K 30

    ❝They say all good boys go to Heaven, but bad boys bring Heaven to you.❞ Max Holland is infamous for the horrible game he plays with girls, known as Hump and Dump. Julia Johnson doesn't know about this game, but luckily for her, the teams at the school they attended are extreme rivals, and Julia is forced to stay fa...

  • I Accidentally Kissed My Bestfriends Brother
    5.1M 124K 38

    Amelia Montgomery is one of Rosewood High's cheerleaders along with her best friend Stella Hayes. Her and Stella have been friends ever since kindergarten when Amelia fell off the monkey bars and Stella helped her up afterwards. Stella has a brother named Easton Hayes and he has always teased Amelia since she was seve...

  • Cooking for my Ex-Boss
    561K 19.2K 43

    When Audrey, the smart, beautiful and kind-hearted woman decided to quit her job to pursue her dream as a chef, she did not expect to meet her ex-boss again, Ethan Loyd. He is still the arrogant, rude and annoying yet handsome man as always. The twist of events forced to unite the two incompatible souls, what will res...

  • Cupid's Match : CUPID'S MATCH BOOK 1
    59.7M 2.8M 83

    [IN BOOKSTORES NOW!] What if you were matched with the original love god? --- When Lila goes to the Cupids Matchmaking Service it is to tell them to stop spamming her. Instead she finds out that cupids are real, she has been matched with a dangerous love god, and that he is coming to find her. Soon arrows fly, myths...

  • Mending Heart |18+|
    2.4M 68.3K 48

    When a downcast, introverted, and unmotivated twenty-eight-year-old hooks up with a stranger at a bar, the last thing she expected was to see him at work the next day. What happens when the girl who's sworn off relationships, falls in love with the one man who isn't afraid to break apart the walls she's built? ...

    Completed   Mature
  • He Loves Me (Curves and All) *COMPLETED*
    830K 22.3K 31

    Luna Rose comes from a wealthy family with her parents and two older sisters, Celeste and Angel. Unlike her sisters who are slender and beautiful, Luna average looking and a bit on the chubbier side. One night at a house party, Luna is briefly introduced to Grayson; a young man whom Luna immediately assumed could neve...

  • Chasing Grace
    302K 6.4K 33

    {completed} It isn't easy having non-supportive parents especially when you are caring for a two-year-old. Grace Foster, moves halfway across the country to live with her brother, to get away from her parents who could care less about her and her two-year-old. What she didn't know is that her older brother is living w...

  • Coffee Shop
    1.5M 59.9K 39

    They meet through simple circumstances, a small joke sparking the love that grows between them. And it all starts in a coffee shop. --- Cover by: @annashappy

  • Loving You
    2.6M 57K 69

    Carter Miller, is a freshman at UNC. Attempting to run away from her small town in New Hampshire with her best friend Tori by her side isn't as easy as she suspected. With family troubles and her own, she has enough trouble already. That is until she just can't seem to get away from the suspected number one NBA draft...

    Completed   Mature
  • Running Scars | ✔️
    1.9M 65.4K 54

    "Your scars shouldn't define you. They just tell your story. A story of how you fought." * Rose was only 16 when her problems began. Her life would never be the same the moment her mother passed away. When her nightmare returns, she finally decides to do something risky. She flees her abusive environment. But how woul...

  • Call it Love
    1.8M 66.8K 41

    Emilia I was so sure I'd never see him again. Not that I didn't want to. But not that I did. After all, he was the one that bailed on me. The one who threw away all those years we had for his own future. I shouldn't have been the one left feeling hurt. Yet somehow, I was. Seeing my best friend now, five years later, a...

  • His Runaway Wife [UNEDITED]
    6.3M 219K 34

    "What a disappointment it's going to be for all of them to learn you are married." He looked up at me. "Rebecca-I didn't tell them-" "Stop." I smiled. "I get it, Damian, you don't have to explain it to me." I paused. "I just don't know if it was a good idea to tell them I'm your wife when..." I trailed off. When we do...

  • Renee's River | √
    340K 18.8K 70

    "Does he know your name?" "Nope," I shook my head. "But hey, it was like love at first sight," I said dreamily before snapping back to reality and looking at my best friend who gave me a weird look. "You have to help me," I said. "We're not going to the clothes store with me disguised as a girl again." "No," I groane...

  • A Bump In Our Road
    328K 9.9K 36

    Amelia McCoy, at thirty-two she has everything she could ever want, a job she loves, one childhood best friend, and her own house. But what she's missing is a husband and children, something she's always thought about but with the way her love life is going, she isn't sure it is meant to be. At least that's what she t...

  • WAVE
    9.8M 249K 36

    After surviving a tsunami together, art collector Genevieve and CEO Tristan face endless hurdles back home in the shape of vengeful exes and dark family secrets. ***** On the night before her entire life is changed, Genevieve Harding finds herself walking along Thailan...

  • Prison Love [18+]
    1.7M 38.3K 14

    The Perfect Recipe For Love: One imprisoned Mafia Don, Two spoonfuls of Sexiness, A pinch of Cockiness, And a pair of Handcuffs. All served with a healthy side of Sex.

    Completed   Mature
  • When Mr.Arrogant Marries Ms.Stubborn
    1.8M 77.2K 52

    "Get the hell out of my room", he shouted as soon as I entered his room. Is he for real? How can he be this peaceful when I'm not able to sleep a wink last night after that kiss. I really want to smack him now. "Dude..who want to enter this stinking rotten room? I'm here to inform that your parents and my parents are...

  • A Heart Like This (Mature Jocks Series #2)
    1.2M 31.2K 40

    ❝What started with a revenge sex, becomes something even more addictive than meth.❞ One buried childhood memory, One lust-filled one-night-stand and One Iconic Defenseman. Walking in on your cheating boyfriend on your birthday is terrible, having revenge sex with a pro hockey player is even more terrible, and even mor...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Hate Football Players
    2.1M 37.1K 61

    Football players are assholes. I know; I'm related to their king. My older, and annoyingly overprotective, brother Jake is the star quarterback at Santa Cruz High School. I love him but hate living in his shadow. Everyone worshiping the air he breathes suffocates me. After a traumatic experience with a quarterback th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Charlotte's Scars
    4.9M 133K 36

    "A quiet, bookish girl who must overcome horrendous obstacles." • The Steele Family Series - Book 1 • Charlotte Locke-mega geek-has always been in love with her best friend's brother, Christian Steele. What is not to love about the man she deems, "Utterly perfect"? Aside from the fact that he is Bridgewalk's most conf...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tattooed Devil Wears Chucks
    3.1M 117K 68

    🥇 Highest Rankings: #1 Action #1 Chicklit #1 Mystery #1 Teen Fiction #1 Thriller 2018 Watty's Long List 🥀 Trigger Warning/Sexual Assault ⚠️Mature Sexual Content/Language R 🔞 •The Tattooed Devil Wears Chucks• Gabby Brooks seemed to be a normal 18-year-old girl growing up on the edge of an Iowa lake. She enjoyed be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arranged by Force
    22.6M 750K 67

    ~-~-~-~-~-~- He moved back to my ear, whispering huskily, making shivers run down my body, "Can I kiss you Miss Delan?" His warm minty breath tickled my ear as He asked like a gentlemen but I knew he was far from one. Especially cause of the way he was teasing my ear , biting the lobe and sucking it. I moaned and arc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Protect Her
    307K 15.4K 47

    **Previously Titled Smoking Gun** When I married Robby, he wasn't so bad. He was attentive, caring and my Prince Charming. Then the second we said I do, everything changed. He turned into an absolute monster and now I had to get out. I have to get my little girl out. Derek Bennett seems like the answer to our prayers...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bringing the Nation's Husband Home
    4.2M 155K 55

    "Don't touch me when we're out in public." "Don't openly say that I am your wife." "Don't let people know that you and I live together." Alexander and Isabelle were forced to marry as a result of their parents' arrangements. Isabelle thought their marriage would be loveless and inescapable, so she gave him three don...

  • Quiet Not Innocent | ✔︎
    2M 89.2K 52

    "You look good wearing my last name." My jaw slacks open and the bell rings then, him smiling a lopsided grin before grabbing his bag and strutting out of the room. »»----- -----«« When Aspen Wilson's father passes away, she must go live with her mother 1,000 miles away and confront her about what happened 5 years ago...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Ava
    290K 6.9K 15

    Adrian Kingston, the 29-year-old CEO of Kingston Hotels. The most eligible bachelor and the guy, who all the girls have hots for. He works hard to keep his business successful. He loves his family and he is not interested in relationships. But what happens when he meets Ava Smith, a 28-year-old shy and ambitious surgi...

  • Just Be With Me [COMPLETED]
    707K 16.2K 42

    I was dancing with Cory when I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. The force they used to turn me around made me stumble a bit and spill my drink. "Shit!" I grumble as I look at the spilt contents on the floor. I was a little tipsy and I felt crosseyed as I looked at the asshole who made me spill my drink, "what the h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters
    10.2M 370K 77

    Abby has always just been identified as stutter girl. Her high school life was a complete disaster, she lived in her sister's shadow the entire time and any chance she had at having a social life was brutally murdered after Scott Rogers mocked her about her stuttering their very first day of freshman year. Scott...

  • Just What I Needed
    3.1M 99.6K 76

    Book 1 in The Just Series || TJ Kingston, UNC Chapel Hill junior and point guard, has life pretty much figured out. He knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to cut out things that could hinder his future getting into the NBA. There are only three things on his mind: basketball, show up to class on time, and ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fight For You
    4.9M 188K 55

    When Emily applies for a position as a caregiver for Daniel, a boy with a permanent spinal cord injury, she never thought she'd also be dealing with his brash fighter of a brother, Lucas. Emily soon becomes involved in the world of fighting that seems to constantly surround Lucas as he attempts to find retribution for...