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  • BLOOM • awsten knight
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    [COMPLETE] Awsten Knight is in the aftermath of his break up, preparing for almost a full year of touring. He's going through his days mindlessly, awaiting the next sugar spike that will spark the start of this seemingly never ending cycle. His next sugar spike, comes at 11:11, in the form of a girl wandering around...

  • dichotomy ; gawsten
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    "He had everything, but felt nothing. He had nothing, but felt everything." geoff is in a famous band. awsten is from a small town in the middle of nowhere. they couldn't be more different. maybe that's for the best.

  • oneshots ; gawsten
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    i'm really in the mood to write gawsten and i've never really done one of these so here goes! requests open for anything except smut!

  • thank me later. ( a. knight )
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    ❝guess you gotta trust me, know i'm doing you a favor. you'll thank me later.❞ You know all those iconic, random, weird clothes Awsten always wears in photoshoots and on stage? They were all designed by one person: Freya Rocha. Awsten has been wearing her brand since the beginning and it gained traction amongst the fa...

  • slipped the curse. ( a. knight )
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    ❝i love you so rough it burns my bones.❞ Life is good. Awsten and Lia found their way back to each other. Waterparks is on the cusp of releasing what is proving to be their biggest release to date, on a much larger, more exciting record label. Things are almost too good. History repeats itself, as it often does. It is...

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  • rainy days in la. ( a. knight )
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    ❝all i do is miss you; all i do is want you back.❞ Three cheers for five years. Isn't that how the saying goes? Five years was as close to forever as they were going to get it seemed. Awsten's sadness got the better of him, the doubt finally swallowing him whole, and Lia didn't know how to help him or how to make him...

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