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  • Accidentally On Purpose [Narry] ✔
    78.5K 2.6K 32

    "You work here?" Harry asked. "No. My boyfriend does." Niall replied. "Oh that's nice, what does he do around here?" Harry questioned the blonde. Niall debated about answering the question or not. "He's the owner of the company." Niall said. Harry was taken aback. "Owner? But the owner is-" His sentence was cut short...

  • Boyfriend (narry au)
    132K 5.7K 14

    "Styles was going to say that he wasn't my boyfriend. I couldn't let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn't tell Greg the truth. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him." Or the one Niall and Harry are fake boyfriends.

  • Room 'Mates' (Narry/BoyXBoy)
    182K 3.6K 15

    Harry Styles needs a room mate to help pay for the bills. Niall Horan needs a place to live that's easy to maintain and affordable. Sounds like a perfect match, right? But when fate takes an unexpected turn, and Harry and Niall start to have feelings for each other, what will happen? Will it all work out in the end?

  • The Unexpected [NARRY]
    772K 23.2K 41

    [#210 in FAN FICTION] Niall is a high school student, and Harry is his math teacher. [THIS STORY DEALS WITH EATING DISORDERS, SELF HARM, SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, AND MENTION OF RAPE. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS AS A WARNING.] All Rights Reserved © fxckthat [cover by HunterMay18]

  • I'm Not Crazy [ narry ]
    31K 2.2K 13

    [completed] In which Harry gets admitted to a mental hospital for something he didn't do and writes to Niall as he slowly loses his sanity. // copyright 2014 [short story #243]

  • Danger || Narry AU ✔
    143K 6.5K 49

    Complete Niall Horan, one of the last surviving members of the “Crimson Clan” a dwindling group of rebel dragon riders. Dragon riding had been banned 10 years ago, ‘Slayers’ being sent out to kill every dragon in existence, and in turn killing the riders as well. What easier way to kill a dragon than to kill its rider...

  • Bodyguard [narry]
    204K 8.5K 34

    Harry is famous. Someone wants him dead. Will Niall be able to protect him ? Ps: there are so many mistakes. I wrote this a while ago and I wasn't really good with grammar and tenses. Maybe one day, I'll have time and courage to correct this story. Thanks for understanding. -xx 01.04.17

  • Reaching the End of the Rainbow // Narry AU
    133K 4.1K 25

    What do you do when the one thing you've always relied on fails you? Niall Horan has always relied on his brain for making his decisions, and he always makes the right ones. Well, almost always. Niall has a stalker. When the green-eyed curly haired boy just won't leave him alone, Niall begins to cave in, letting th...

  • Anything For You
    57.9K 2.2K 17

    It's 2016 and the world's biggest boyband is still enjoying their lives as popstars. The only problem One Direction is facing, is that they're almost past their high, but they are not planning on quitting anytime soon. So, when management gives them the chance to put the spotlight back on them, they have to take it, w...

  • How to Play the Player (Narry)
    25.6K 857 3

    Harry Styles; Woodside High School’s heartbreaker and player who’s constantly searching the field for the next person to sleep with Niall Horan; a reporter for the Woodside High Newspaper and determined to beat Harry at his own game. Cover made by: @Bu12r63

  • STONER [Narry MPreg]
    11.4K 537 5

    Niall Horan is a Stoner, Harry styles is a Prep, Both boys were very popular, and many people wanted to be them or with them, Now how did this Stoner end up pregnant with a Preps baby

  • Rewinding Time (Narry)
    252K 12K 50

    Time is a fixed continuum which cannot be disturbed.

  • The Runner ➳ Narry (Book One)
    224K 10.1K 53

    "So what, then? You're a drug dealer?" "Something like that." #3 in Narry -- Book One WARNING: illegal substances/alcohol, sexual content, violence, foul language READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Copyright All Rights Reserved ©

    Completed   Mature
  • Wild Boys [ Narry AU]
    358K 15.1K 37

    "who're they?" ; Niall Horan "The styles twins" "they seem nice" ; Nate Horan When the Styles twins come back to Ireland for the summer, the Horan twins didn't expect themselves to fall fast, and fall hard for them.

  • Room 22A [Narry]
    898K 33.1K 68

    Niall Horan is a typical student living in the centre of London. Harry Styles is your typical, attractive teacher who wants to move house. What happens when they both become neighbours and Niall finds out his neighbour is his teacher? [Mpreg.]

    Completed   Mature
  • Reaching Out For You (NARRY)
    4.3K 179 11

    Harry and Niall are happy. Well, happy until disaster struck, landing them in the ICH. Institute for curing homosexuals. They don't remember how they ended up there, just waking up in a cells across the hall from each other. But what happens when they escape? Are they safe?

  • Black Widow - N.S
    1K 56 1

    “Your gonna leave sooner or later. So I'll get rid of you my way.” Harry has been married 3 times prior to him meeting Niall. He killed every one of his older husbands. Niall I going to be no different.

  • Something Between Us ||Narry||
    1.1M 37.7K 46

    Niall and Harry, sweethearts since high school and now they're married. A true love story right? Well, it doesn't really end there. Nial still wants to study at University after they got married and Harry, being the smart one who graduated university early, got a job as a professor at the same university. They just di...

  • Autumn. (Narry)
    36.4K 1.6K 14

    Niall is lost. But it seems no matter how far Niall falls Autumn is always there to pick him back up. As the leaves change color so does Niall's life and the direction he heads in is something he never expected in all his life. However, he's not complaining, especial...

  • Make Me Break (n.h. + h.s.)(Punk!Niall)
    479K 23.4K 46

    ~|How can you break something that's already broken?|~ "You've already taken eveything from me, what more could you possibly want?!" "You. I fucking want you, but that's the only thing you won't give me." "You had me, but you lost that chance the second you walked out on me." Love doesn't last, or at least tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Water Boy (Narry)
    13.7M 252K 64

    "He's the star and all I am is the water boy." [#1 Fan Fiction. **First Place (Popular Narry) / 2nd Most Voted Story in the 2014 1DBromance Awards (Olympic 2014)] [Going through a 2nd Edit] Cover by: NarryBuddy

  • Right Next To You (Narry)
    2.7M 59.3K 54

    That stupid, stupid kiss. Why did I have to say anything at all? Why couldn't I have waited a few more minutes? Why did he have to turn his head? Yeah, my name's Harry Styles and I just kissed my best mate on stage in front of thousands of screaming girls with thousands of high speed cameras. And I liked it. DISCLAIME...

  • Undercover [Narry]
    582K 17.7K 53

    Niall is the small-town cop of London trying to solve the crime of bad ass Harry styles. But will that be enough for both of them?

  • The House Kitty ♥︎Narry Hybrid♥︎
    76.2K 3.9K 12

    "So you're a virgin?" "Um yeah, it's kind of embarrassing, are you a virgin?" "Uh... Sure..."

  • Dark Narry (BoyxBoy)
    6M 124K 50

    *BOYXBOY EXTREME* Innocent, pure Harry with dark Niall. What will Harry do? Stay, fight, learn to love? What will Niall do to protect his claim? Use fear, charm, love? Could be everything in between. *warning; includes swearing, smut, other*

  • Captivated (Narry)
    1M 38.9K 51

    2 Boys 1 homophobic 1 Gay 1 love Niall the openly gay boy at West Bridge High school has settled with the fact that no one likes him because he's gay. The only person he has is, his one and only friend Nikki. Niall's come to terms that no matter how hard he tried he won't fit in. Harry the popular guy in school. Also...