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  • Slipping Away, a Tragic Kames fanfic
    3.2K 60 3

    For the first time in his life, James is happy. He has a family, he has great friends, and a great job, and a gorgeous boyfriend. But everything takes a turn for the worse... After loosing Kendall, James falls into mental turmoil. He wants nothing more than to be with his one and only love. Will he throw everything aw...

  • Love That Could Last Forever [BoyxBoy]
    27K 416 17

    James is the new kid in Minnesota but he is far from normal. He has been living since the 1800's and has never aged. But when he meets cocky Kendall Knight. All things known to the other will change and secrets will be told...that will change everything.

  • My Undercover
    149 5 1

    Kendall, Katie, his mom, his step dad and step brother were the perfect family; he thought so. Until someday his step dad done something unexpected to him. He took away his life, the worst James, his step brother, does the same way just like his dad did without his mom and babysitter know about it. Abuse, sex, and sor...