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  • Divergent One Shots (Eric & Tris)
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    Bite sized random Divergent stories for your enjoyment involving Eric and Tris... #8 jesus 8/29/22 1) A Life of Significance-Eric 2) Childhood Love Remembered-Tris 3) Queen Bea-Eric 4) I Heard They Broke Up-Eric 5) Initiation Offers-Tris 6) Sweet Dreams-Eric 7) I'm Sorry-Tris ***Author's Favorite*** 8) Party Gam...

  • Who You Say I Am (A Jai Courtney Fanfic)
    1.2K 73 78

    Megan goes on a missionary trip to forget about her ex-fiancé. She runs into a famous celebrity who's also suffering from a very recent break-up. Will they comfort each other and find companionship together? #2 missionary 7/2/22 #1 jaicourtney 8/20/22 ((Author's Note: This story will be heavily Christ centered. The...

  • A Different Divergent Tale (Eric and Tris)
    5.8K 247 54

    This is a Divergent Tris and Eric fanfiction. It starts right after the ranks are announced from the book version. About the book: This will be heavily based on both the books and movies but there will be some changes-other parts will be dramatically different. Four will have some of his tendencies from the books...

  • To Change a City (Divergent/Eric) 3 of 3 COH Series
    7.7K 172 16

    This is the third and final chapter in the Change of Heart Series-To Save A City being the second. Hosanna and Eric have just saved their city from the clutches of Jeanine Mathews. She has been arrested along with Marcus Eaton with a little help from an unexpected source. Find out how they, along with the rest of...

  • To Save a City (Divergent/Eric) 2 of 3 COH Series
    96.5K 2.6K 138

    This is the second story in a planned trilogy. (Change of Heart-1) Hosanna Eaton, Four's sister, came to Dauntless. She and Eric fell in love. He was a Divergent hunter but that all changed when he found out about her. Discover how their lives change in the next year and what they do as Leaders of Dauntless to s...

  • Change of Heart (Divergent/Eric) 1 of 3 COH Series
    192K 4K 69

    Hosanna Eaton is Tobias's younger sister. After he leaves Abnegation behind on his Choosing Day, her life changes drastically. Her older brother is no longer there to protect her. Their father becomes even more violent and abusive. She looks for escape and finds that she is stronger than she thinks. She builds up...