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  • Hunter's Prey
    710 140 15

    The bracelet he made for her was worth the small risk. She would be gone for a very short time. That part of the forest was very familiar to her. She would only be gone for the shortest amount of time. An unexpected adventure awaited her. One that opened her eyes to certain truths. One that had her experiencing fee...

  • El Día De Ayer ™
    1.8K 508 21

    PREVIOUSLY known as Sixteen Reasons -MULTIMEDIA BOOK- El Día De Ayer - Yesterday [ UPDATES EDITING ADDITION EVERY SATURDAY ] .................................................................................. @ AUTUMN AWARDS 2022- #1 BEST TITLE Perfect life's aren't always requited to all human beings and substance w...

    2.3K 590 36

    You think you know someone? Look again. * * * Noah Campbell is a 19 year old heartthrob and every girl's dream boyfriend. He's cute, tall, super sweet, and a pop star. Perfect right? Think twice. Beneath the sweet and kind persona lies a different person that only the people clo...

    2.4K 515 51

    She has a troubled past and so does he. After living by her principles almost her entire life she starts to crumble, nearly feeling defeated by a love that can never be...maybe not. * * * ************ Becca is an 18-year-old girl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Complete Without You (ONC 2022)
    2.1K 433 15

    Sadie takes her dream trip to Australia where she embraces solo travel life until she crosses paths with quirky Irish traveller Neil. The two discover they share more than their love for adorable Aussie animals as they complete bucket lists they'd planned with their exes. As their connection strengthens, Sadie conside...

  • A Different Slice
    3.7K 606 59

    What's better than sex? To Naomi, it's going out with friends for delicious food, winning softball games, and having a whirlwind romance with her close friend. The only problem: despite a decade of friendship, she has yet to come out to him as asexual, and she's unsure if romance with an allosexual guy is even possibl...

  • Vanished (ONC 2023)
    2.2K 465 18

    Until recently, Mia's biggest challenge was attracting visitors to a province whose unsolved crime rate keeps climbing. After her Bear Claw Lake ice fishing tourism campaign gets axed because a body was discovered, an unusual stranger offers her unconventional help to catch a potential serial killer. Even with his he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolf Moon
    1.7K 754 26

    *In the village of Fuchsbergen werewolves torment the small community. So they put all their hopes in the new hirelings - and have no idea that they are infamous Red Hunters. A battle full of violence, intrigue, love, and betrayal begins. Soon wolf and Red Hunters must find out who is really hunted and who is the prey...

  • A Neverland Tale - HOOKED (eng)
    1.7K 971 71

    ** Only one thing can still prevent Neverland's downfall: In the dark times when a star's light perishes, a new one must be found! ** Neverland - a world in which simply everything was possible as long as you could dream it. But behind a shining light, darker shadows are always hidden. What happens when dreams, shimme...

  • She Cried Wolf ✔️
    497K 12.7K 32

    When Ashley is saved from her abusive foster parents her life changed forever. But her savior has a secret. And it's one that effects her more than she can ever imagine. ~ Available only on Inkitt and Wattpad.

  • The Wild Card's Queen
    24.3K 2.5K 117

    Life has never been simple for Violet James--a woman with no memories before her eighteenth birthday. As a field medic for the government demon hunters, hiding on the shores of a new country as a civilian doctor would be simple. But an unexpected encounter draws Violet down a road that transports her to a whole new...

  • A Dying Mans Wish
    19.5K 1.1K 43

    A compassionate girl, an obstinate playboy, and a dying man's wish. When Kit Hart takes a job as a caretaker for the wealthy Leonardo Donato on his deathbed, she forms an instant bond with him. The once hardheaded man has changed in the face of death. He opens up to Kit about how he regrets his estrangement from his...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vampire and the Orphan
    1.9K 276 22

    An old promise, a fated night and lingering danger... After several centuries as serving as a guard to a coven, Nathanial Hart an old vampire is finally able to live out his days alone and unbothered. That is after he fulfills one last promise... After eighteen years locked away in an orphanage, Olette Sky, a spirit...

  • Star Crossed - Shiver Me Timbers [EN]
    824 394 27

    [GERMAN GRAND NAVIGATOR 2022] ** In a chaos of time and space, fate entangles a young woman in incredible adventures. As 'Captain Bloody Sally', her path leads across the high seas, dark caverns, and hot desert sands. She must survive numerous trials and stand up to a dragon, mermaids, and other mythical creatures in...

  • The Whitby Dossier
    486 271 29

    ** A young girl sees a walking dead in the open streets of Whitby. A train full of corpses crashes into Kings Cross Station. In a mental institution, a gruesome nightmare becomes horrible reality. All this should perhaps have been a warning to Kyle and his partner Benjamin of the Order of Seekers. But Kyle is a mage...

  • The Queen Of Arrows
    3.7K 953 60

    [WATTYS2023 - GERMAN WINNER/Most Engaging World] ** Marian, a thieving nobleman's daughter with too big a heart, meets Robin Hood, a daring thief with a huge ego. Will they be able to overcome pain, longing, and, finally the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham? Or will the legend end before it begins? ** "Hope, be it never s...

  • A Ballad of Heroes
    696 255 12

    [PAUSED] ** With the help of the legendary sword Excalibur Arianna must claim her rightful place. In the fight against intrigue and dark sorcery, she is assisted by a Merlin and the brave Sir Kay. ** "Excalibur Sword of the kings Take me on your wings Back where I belong" (- Blind Guardian-) Everyone knows the legend...

  • When Stars Fall
    1.1K 502 31

    ** When a wish brings devastating consequences, Pan must join forces with a fallen star to stop the walking dead before Neverland sinks into eternal darkness. ** "We can sail away tonight on a sea of pure moonlight We can navigate the stars to bring us back home In a place so far away We'll be young; that's ho...

    Completed   Mature
  • ROTTEN To The Core [EN]
    717 236 11

    ** The beautiful Snow White becomes the marionette of a sinister prince and seven unscrupulous rogues. But can the wicked stepmother really be overthrown so easily? ** "Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?" - Brothers Grimm - In a kingdom plagued by darkness and despair, Mairwen's beauty makes...

  • When Storm Clouds Hover
    2.8K 382 62

    Best friends, Izzy and Em, have been star pupils at their all girls boarding school Watford High on Sydney's North Shore for years. Since joining classes with boys from their brother school, they're discovering new ways to distract themselves from their school work. The girls' friendship is put to the test when Em dev...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best Night Ever | Baji Keisuke x OC/Tokyo Revengers Fanfiction
    2.8K 244 19

    "Just one night of freedom," Aiko exclaimed as she snuck out of her study group. She had been kept under a strict routine for as long as she could remember, her only respite being those years before her mother died when her father was no longer around. But now, living with her dad again, she was constantly told where...

  • The Fate of Our Hearts
    8.9K 1.5K 48

    YA ROMANCE I was shocked to see whose still bewitching eyes had just accidentally met with mine. Giovanni! A boy, a crush, and one fantastic kiss I thought I left behind years ago in junior high. It's the mid-90s on the West Coast. Grunge music, mix tapes, pagers, skateboarding and baggy clothes. Lauren is an ordinari...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fate Interrupted
    13K 2.2K 49

    I have to admit it... I never got over Giovanni. I thought I had moved on, even married another man. But just when I had my life all neatly put together, it all broke apart. Now I'm nearly thirty, freshly single, and living back home with my mom in California, where the hot and heavy teenage memories of Gio still tau...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sweetest Rose-LokixOC
    42.8K 2.1K 62

    (Very slow-burn romance) Cassandra Pierce led an ordinary life until she encountered an injured Loki in Central Park. A year passes before she sees him again after surviving a bombing at the auction house she works at. Loki is a prisoner of SHIELD. The organization interrogates her about the bombing and the magical s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dinzel
    1.2K 396 40

    "Take off your clothes." He instructed hurriedly, plopping down on his luxuriant bed. "Excuse me?" She said, unable to believe this man. "You heard me Ms. Bell," he said, his thick voice filled with something she would never be able to understand. "Everything. Get on with it. I don't have all day." It was hatred at...

  • The Light to His Darkness
    2K 322 9

    Plunged into darkness and obscurity, Itachi Uchiha no longer has any taste for life. His only goal is to protect his native village and his little brother Sasuke as best as he can while remaining in the shadows, awaiting the end of his days. But that will be turned upside down by the unpredictable encounter with Auror...

  • The Titans of Secrets
    2K 221 35

    Harry Potter AU. Completed ✔ High school is never NOT filled with dramas. In Ginny Weasley's instance, it just elevated to an higher level. . . Mysterious letter, sudden promotion, love dramas and a lot of secrets leads our fierce heroine to recoil into misery. Ginny regrets her decision which forced her to take up th...

  • Moira | Harry Potter
    10.1K 655 60

    Moira (n): a person's fate or destiny. Harry Potter AU. Completed ✔ Trained to be Dark since childhood. . .his endeavours to stop his temptation fails without anyone to help. . . Born to be powerful. . .his attempts to prove himself falls into deep pits of failure. . . He needs her. . .to correct him. . .to guide him...

  • 𝐒𝐞𝐧̃𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐚 ━━━ H. Potter
    985 129 8

    ━━ [ SEÑORITA ] Harry Potter AU. Completed ✔ Two words. Two different feelings. One name. Harry Potter is trapped between anagapesis and limerence, thanks to his age, or was it because of the wild man he loved to call Padfoot? Either way, he is in a dilemma. Seeking advice from his Dad surely doesn't help because, we...

    376 43 15

    cover by lian (was @usagye) but she sadly left Ayano Aishi could've never imagined the feelings that would occur once she had met her Senpai. See, she has a rare disorder that caused her emotions to stop developing from a young age. But now she has met the love of her life, Taro Yamada, her feelings have began to deve...