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  • Bleeding Rose
    34.6K 3.5K 5

    In the land of traditions, they committed the forbidden. They fell in love. The belle of town, Gul-e-Rana Khan was the pride of her family. She was like the freshly blooming rose of spring that was ready to be plucked. When Sikander Ali dares to touch her heart amidst the thorns, he is scorched. Scarred for life.

  • When My Shift Ends | ✓
    3.4M 211K 37

    When former beauty pageant queen, Ellie Wilde, hears of her grandmother's sickness, she's the first to offer to drive her to her chemotherapy. What she didn't know she was agreeing to was an obnoxiously cheerful blond boy somehow nudging his way into her life. ©iwearheelys, all rights reserved.

  • Dear Girl in a Mask
    28 4 1

    To the Girl in a Mask, Who are you?

  • If only you knew...
    9 2 1

    Idk I just like to write all of my feelings down and this basically sums up most of my feelings for a certain someone-who-shall-not-be-named...

  • Hypocrisy (a poem by me)
    11 2 1

    I guess I was just feeling kinda down and then this happened. I don't do this type of thing very often so it might be terrible but at this moment I like it. I just wanted to share it and get a little weight of my shoulders.

  • This Road
    4.5K 706 19

    Rating: G A collection of poetry written from real life experience. ©Sharifah Zaid AlHadhrami, 2013 Cover: Zammurad

  • The Book That Kills.
    44.3K 4.6K 21

    [Book 1 of 'The Detective Dawud Chronicles'] "Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life." Something strange is happening in town. People are getting hurt; people are dying. It all started from a book. [Highest Ranking: #91 in Mystery/Thriller]

  • The Dangers of Islam: The Terrorist
    14K 1.6K 25

    Dawood Khan, an American Muslim soldier in the US Army, had been an outsider for a good portion of his life. His Islamic identity was something he cherished, but others looked down on in disdain. Bullies at school ridiculed, mentally tortured, and physically assaulted Dawood for cherishing that identity. After a horri...

  • to the dead boy | ✔️
    84.1K 12.6K 38

    first voicemail: i'm sorry for calling right now but i'm in so much pain. and you would always tell me to call you when i wasn't feeling well. last voicemail: goodbye ashton birch, i belive that you will finally be able to rest in peace once your phone stops ringing. 「completed --- highest rank #24」

  • The End Of Us
    417 48 9

    The waves crashed violently against the bottom of the cliff where they stood. The wind roared harsh hitting their skin. She held his strong hands in her soft one's smiling ever so warmly. "Come." She whispered. "Come and let's find together what life is about." Almost hypnotized, he obliged and walked further to the...

  • His Punching Bag (Islamic Love Story)
    13.9K 606 4

    He was a rich bajillionare. The richest man in the world. He didnt just own one company. He owned all off them. He's the CEO of the world. But when his dad's friend dies, he owes him one favor. To marry his daughter. She's the perfect Muslimah. She never did anything wrong besides that one time in middle school when s...

  • The Mind Talks ✔
    13.6K 1.8K 124

    When the lips are sealed, the mind begins to talk.

  • Gravity
    375 33 1

    The gravity on earth is 9.8 metres per second squared. It's a force that attracts all objects to the ground or to each other. What goes up, gravity will always bring down. What you take, gravity will always take back. And when you fall, gravity will always pull you in. Gravity is one of the most complex concepts in ph...

  • Growing Up Arab
    199K 17.9K 127

    When we're rich in so many aspects of life, why can we not express ourselves?

  • The Rain... (in my heart)
    3.8K 673 18

    Sometimes, it's words and sometimes, it's tears. But this rain, figurative or literal, is all in my heart.

  • My Dear Daughter and Other Stories
    2.6K 256 4

    A collection of stories right from my heart. I may not have experienced all of them, but I have lived them in my mind for a long time before writing them down.

  • Dear Wafa...
    17.2K 2.9K 30

    My letters to my best friend whom I lost to cancer when we were thirteen. #3 in Non-fiction as on 25 July 2016

  • Scents
    95.2K 11.5K 42

    My thoughts. My feelings. My desires. My scents...

  • See You in Jannah
    4K 213 2

    There are people in this world who are mesmerizing...Like you. She remembered everything she did with you. Remember the constant laughs? The smiles? The troubles, the ups and the downs? She does. And even if you do forget them, it's okay. Because she wrote them down. These were memories that led them to become sister...

  • Nazım
    19.8K 1.7K 25

    When Nazım was thirteen, he broke someone's nose because they had tripped him. When Nazım was fifteen, he got into frequent fights with the school bullies. When Nazım was seventeen, he was expelled from two schools. His life has always been something of a mess. And then things change when the nineteen year old fi...

  • Blue-Haired Muslim
    16.6K 2.5K 22

    Raised as a Christian, Samuel Maximus Jameson Junior felt a close bond with the religion his mother had introduced him to. After her tragic passing, he continued to adhere to the faith, but found himself being drawn to the mystery that was Islam. After his father's conversion to Islam, he found himself wanting to know...

  • My Dua Book
    3.1K 483 26

    There's times that everyone feels down and upset and then there's also times when people are happy and excited. In both occasions, at all times in fact, we need to remember and thank Allah for His (swt) blessings.

  • Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible
    239K 17.8K 44

    "She made broken look healed, And strong look invincible, She carried the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings." What if you wake up in a hospital bed not remembering anything that happened the night before? What if the horrors keep you sleepless for the next four years? Zeeniya Tahan hid...

  • Our Space
    620K 47.8K 48

    All Sami had was space. Space was all that Radia desired. His dorm room was so empty and lifeless that he felt imprisoned in the endless silence. Her bedroom was full of her sister's mess, her ears full of her sister's constant chattering, and an overwhelming feeling of being cramped with no privacy. After much patie...

  • A Non-Hijabi's Perspective
    90K 5.6K 30

    "Did I get little Nafasa scared?" He teased, smirking at me. Did he just call me Nafasa? "It's Nafisa," I corrected him, crossing my arms. Garrett shrugged. "Same thing, same weird foreign names." My head snapped towards his direction, angrily, as my blood boiled. "Don't you dare make fun of my name!" I couldn't belie...

  • The Importance Of Mum -A Poem
    617 50 1

    Just a poem a written when I was about 10 years old.

  • Islamic Stories
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  • A Poem
    617 95 1

    A poem that brought tears to my eyes by it's sheer beauty and eloquence... DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a poem I composed, it's a poem composed by a little child in Palestine.